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Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme

The Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) scheme was introduced by the Building Act 2004 to encourage better building design and construction, and give consumers confidence.

About the Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) Scheme

Critical building work that is known as restricted building work (RBW), must now be supervised or carried out by a licensed building practitioner (LBP), for building consent applications received from 1 March 2012.

For more information on restricted building work, see:

Restricted Building Work - Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website

For more information on what constitutes a licensed building practitioner, see below.

The LBP scheme is administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. The scheme promotes, recognises and supports professional skills and behaviour in the building construction industry.

How the Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) Scheme Affects the Building Industry

If you are building, this will affect you in the following ways:

  • If you are applying for a building consent for a project that has been classified as Restricted Building Work your application must include, if known at the time, the names and license number of licensed building practitioners working or supervising the work, including the design.

    If not know at the time of your application you must advise, in writing, any additional licensed building practitioners prior to them commencing work.  Failure to supply this information may result in delays with inspection. 

    Use the following form to notify us of the licensed building practitioner/s who will be working on your project:
    Advising Council of your Licenced Building Practitioners - Form 134
    Note: If the above information is not supplied, the application for a building consent may be rejected and you will not be able to book an inspection.
  • For building work that has been classified as restricted building work (RBW), you will need to provide a Certificate of Design Work when you apply for a building consent. This is because with any building work that has been classified as RBW, the design work will also be classified as RBW.
    Certificate of Design Work - Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 
  • If any licensed building practitioner (LBP) changes during the project, you must notify the Council and give the new LBPs licensing details.
  • When the project is complete, you must provide a record of work from each of the licensed building practitioners involved in the construction.
  • Note: The LBP scheme is based on an individual accountability model. A LBP cannot  supervise other  LBPs undertaking work in the same license class.

          Information on this - Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 

Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)

A licensed building practitioner is someone who is recorded in the register of LBPs because they have satisfied the Registrar that they meet the standards for their class.  See section 286 of the Building Act:

Section 286 - Building Act 2004 - NZ Legislation website

There are seven licence classes in the LBP scheme:

  • design
  • site
  • bricklaying and blocklaying
  • carpentry
  • external plastering
  • foundations
  • roofing

You can apply to be licensed in more than one licence class but you must be able to demonstrate that you are competent in each class you apply for.

For more information on licensing and restricted building work, see:

The competencies for the licence classes were developed by industry working groups. They represent the skills and knowledge that a competent person with sound experience in the building construction industry should be able to demonstrate.

The LBP scheme is for competent individuals. Companies and commercial entities cannot be licensed, but the people they employ or subcontract can apply to be licensed.

Professional engineers, architects, plumbers and gasfitters are also treated as LBPs and can carry out some restricted building work.

If your work is covered by one of the licence classes, this is your opportunity to have your skills and experience formally recognised.

For information on licensed building practioners see Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) - Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 

To check if your builder / contractor is currently licensed under the LBP scheme, search the Licensed Building Practitioners Public Register by their name.