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Code Compliance Certificate

A Code Compliance Certificate is issued when a job is finished and the Council is satisfied building and plumbing work under the consent complies with:

  • the New Zealand Building Code at the time of issue of the building consent (for consents issued prior to 31 March 2005).
  • the building consent, for consents issued from 31 March 2005.

When you achieve compliance, it's recorded in any land information memorandum (LIM) and building status report for your property.

Obtaining your certificate

When all work under a consent is complete, you can request a final inspection.

For building consents issued from 31 March 2005, projects should be completed within two years of the granting of the building consent.

If the work has been completed in accordance with your consent and in compliance with the Building Code, you must lodge a Code Compliance Certificate Application, accompanied by all the documentation required as part of your building consent, before the Council can issue a Code Compliance Certificate.

If the work does not comply, the Council will issue a Notice to Fix identifying areas of non-compliance.

Code Compliance Certificate Application - Form 278 (PDF)

Code Compliance Certificate Application - Form 278 (Word)

Guide to completing a Code Compliance Certificate Application - Form 278a

Solid fuel - woodburner application for Code Compliance Certificate Form 278b


Property owners benefit by ensuring work on their property has a Code Compliance Certificate in a number of situations:

  • selling your home
  • applying for loans or other financing
  • applying for insurance
  • safety and peace of mind.

If you are unhappy with our service

The Building Consent Authority welcomes feedback from customers. We want to hear from you if you feel dissatisfied with any part of our service related to building consent processing, or inspection and issuing Code Compliance Certificates.

Making a Building Consent Authority Complaint

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If you are unhappy with a technical decision made by us about your building consent please refer the matter to MBIE for a Determination.