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District Plan Review and Proposed District Plan

Proposed District Plan

Appeals on the PDP

The period for filing appeals with the Environment Court on the Decisions version of the PDP closed on 25 January 2018.

Details of appeals can be found here.

Once Council has received copies of all the appeals filed with the Environment Court and officers have identified the parts of the PDP subject to appeals, an ‘Appeals version’ of the PDP will be produced and made publicly available. The Appeals version will identify which parts of the PDP are subject to appeals and therefore may change as a result of the appeals process; it will also identify which parts of the PDP are not subject to any appeals and therefore become effectively operative.

Council Decisions on the PDP 

On 22 November 2017, the Council publicly notified the Decisions version of the Proposed District Plan (PDP).

View the Decisions version of the PDP here.

This replaces the Proposed District Plan 29 November 2012 Notified version. At this time both the Operative District Plan 1999 and the Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017 have legal effect.

When determining an application for resource consent, the Council is required to have regard to objectives and policies and rules in both Plans.

Operative District Plan (1999) provisions remaining in effect

As a result of the withdrawal of coastal provisions from the PDP there are some specifically identified coastal related provisions in the ODP that will continue to remain in force after the conclusion of the PDP process and until they are replaced through a Schedule 1 of the RMA process. View details of the ODP provisions that will continue to apply here.

Hearings on the PDP and Panel Recommendations

Council appointed a five member Hearings Panel to hear the submissions made on the PDP. Hearings commenced on 4 April 2016 with the last hearing held on 5 April 2017. In total there were 41 hearing days and 218 submitters who appeared and presented to the Hearings Panel.

View information on the hearings process and the reports and evidence presented to the Hearings Panel here.

On 9 November 2017 Council adopted the Hearings Panel's recommendations on the PDP.

View the Hearings Panel recommendations here.

District Plan Review Process

In 2008, Council began reviewing its District Plan, as required for every plan provision every 10 years under the Resource Management Act. View the range of District Plan Review background reports and information  here.

On 29 November 2012, the Proposed District Plan (PDP) was publicly notified. View the Notified version of the PDP and supporting information here.

Independent Review of PDP

In response to public concern about aspects of the Plan, Council commissioned an Independent Review of the PDP in October 2013. 

The Review recommended the PDP continue with a modified process.

In July 2014, Council adopted Option 4 of the Review. 

Details of the Independent Review process and reports are available here.

Based on the recommendations of the review, at the meeting on 24 July 2014, Council resolved to amend the list of rules with immediate legal effect, and withdraw from the PDP the maps and provisions relating to Coastal Hazard Management Areas, provisions relating to hazardous facilities, and references to priority areas for restoration.

Extension of PDP timeframes

Council resolved on 27 November 2014 to extend the timeframe for giving its decision on the provisions and the matters raised in submissions on the PDP to 29 November 2017. Extending the timeframes enabled more robust analysis of the submissions, commissioning of additional technical reports as required, and an additional consultative process with submitters prior to the start of hearings.

Withdrawal of PDP maps and provisions

View details on the withdrawal of PDP map layers and related provisions and the Operative District Plan 1999 coastal hazard provisions that will continue to apply here.

Contact details 

If you have any questions or comments about the District Plan Review or the PDP, please call the Manager, Research, Policy and Planning on 04 296 4700 or email