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Background Information

This page contains reports on coastal hazards.  All of the information below has been put to the panel of independent experts who are reviewing the science behind the coastal hazard mapping undertaken to date. All documents are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below. 

Reports for Independent Panel

The Panel met with technical experts and submitters in the first week of December 2013.   

Information from Experts

The following material was prepared by the submitters' and the Council's technical experts to inform the two days of expert meetings with the Panel in December 2013.

Bell, Dr Rob; 18 November 2013
NIWA Letter: Review of Appendix A (Sea Level Considerations) in Kotuku Park Ltd. District Plan submission

de Lange, Dr Willem; 4 December 2013
Kāpiti Coast Coastal Hazard Assessment, Dr Willem de Lange

Gordon, Angus; 8 January 2014
Shoreline Evolution and Potential Future Behaviour of the Waikanae Inlet Eastern Shore - NZO113017

Gordon, Angus; 3 December 2013
Angus Gordon's response to Dr Rob Bell's comments on Appendix 1

Gordon, Angus; 2 April 2013
Assessment of the Kāpiti Coast Erosion Hazard Assessment Report 2008 and 2012, updated by Dr Roger Shand

Shand, Dr Roger; 13 September 2013
Erosion Hazard Reassessment: northern shoreline of Waimeha Inlet - September 2013

Shand, Dr Roger; 18 December 2012
Data and Computations for 2012 Erosion Hazard Update Assessment

Shand, Dr Roger; August 2012
Kapiti Coast Erosion Hazard Assessment - 2012 Update

Shand, Dr Roger; March 2008
Kāpiti Coast Erosion Hazard Assessment Report Part 1: Open Coast

Kāpiti Coast Erosion Hazard Assessment Report Part 2: Inlets

Kāpiti Coast Erosion Hazard Assessment Report Part 3: Data-Base

Tortell, Phillip; 22 November 2013
Philip Tortell Letter: Submission to Coastal Expert Panel

Wilkinson, Dr Bryce; 4 December 2013
Statement responding to general assertions relating to Dr Shand's 2012 report


Information from Submitters

The following information was presented to the Panel in December 2013 by submitters of the Coastal Hazards chapter of the Proposed District Plan.

Alexander, Michael; 3 December 2013
Aerial Photo of 43-49 Manly Street, November 2006 and 2013

Allin, Joan; 3 December 2013
The Science and The Law - Joan Allin

Allin, Joan; 3 December 2013
Coastal Matters - Panel of Experts assisting in relation to Section 42A of the RMA: Remarks of Joan Allin

Beggs, Don; 3 December 2013
Groves Road - Some History

Buckett, R R; 3 December 2013
R R Buckett: Re Kapiti Coast District Council Proposed District Plan Coastal Hazards Report Map 17C

Callister, Paul; 3 December 2013
Paul Callister - 88 The Parade

Cavaye, Rod; 3 December 2013
Notes for verbal submission - R Cavaye

Frampton, Don; 3 December 2013
Don Frampton - Presentation to the Coastal Panel

Katz, Peter; 3 December 2013
Submission to KCDC prepared by Peter Katz

King, Peter; 3 December 2013
Summary points for the panel to consider - P King

Maassen, John (North Otaki Beach Residents Group); 3 December 2013
Presentation by North Otaki Beach Residents Group (NOBRG) to Expert Panel

Mitchell, Chris; 3 December 2013
Coastal Panel Meeting 3 December 2013 - C Mitchell

Moller, Bryce; 19 October 2013
Consideration for the KCDC Coastal Expert Panel: Methods used by CSL specifically the Precautionary Approach - Bryce Moller

Paul, Larry; 3 December 2013
Kapiti Coast Accretion - L Paul

Peterson, Richard; 18 November 2013
Richard Peterson Email: Re Coastal Expert Panel, Program and Process

Reardon, John; 4 December 2013
Summary of Oral Submision to Panel by John Reardon, Submitter 724

Rosier, Prof Johanna; 3 December 2013
Statement of Professor Johanna Rosier to Expert Panel for NOBRG

Weir, Mike; 3 December 2013
Submission by Mike Weir to KCDC Science Panel 3 December 2013

Wyatt, Warwick; 3 December 2013
Submission to Panel of Independent Coastal Panel Experts - W Wyatt)


Other information provided to the Panel

The following information on coastal hazards relevant to the Kāpiti District was provided to the Panel to inform their deliberations.

Board of Inquiry; July 2009
Proposed NZ Coastal Policy Statement 2008. Board of Enquiry report and recommendations July 2009. Volume 1 - Findings, recommendations and recommended NZCPS 2009.

Board of Inquiry; July 2009
Proposed NZ Coastal Policy Statement 2008. Board of Enquiry report and recommendations July 2009.  Volume 2 - Working papers.  

Department of Conservation; 2010 
New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

Focus Resource Management Group; 5 September 2011
District Plan Review Coastal Hazard Provisions

Gibb, J G and Depledge, D R; February 1980
Coastal Erosion at Paekākāriki: Wellington's West Coast, 1980

Gibb, J G and Wilshere, D S; 21 September 1976
Coastal Erosion - Kāpiti Coastline: Notes on the storm of Saturday 11 - Monday 13 September 1976

Gibb, Jeremy G; 1978
The problem of Coastal Erosion along the Golden Coast Western Wellington, NZ

Kāpiti Coast District Council; September 2012
Coastal Hazards on the Kapiti Coast
This powerpoint presentation is from the Districtwide Coastal Hazard Open Sessions held in September 2012.

Lumsden, J L (Consulting Engineer); March 2013
Kāpiti Coast Beach Profiles Monitoring Report, March 2013

Lumsden, John; May 2003
Draft Report: Strategies for managing coastal erosion hazards on the Kāpiti Coast

MetOcean Solutions Ltd; December 2010
Paekākāriki Beach - Summary of waves, currents and water levels

MetOcean Solutions Ltd; March 2007
Design Wave and Water Levels for the Kāpiti Coast, March 2007 

Ministry for the Environment: Ramsay, D and Bell R (NIWA); 2nd edition July 2008
Coastal hazards and climate change: a guidance manual for Local Government in NZ 

NIWA; November 2011
Coastal adaptation to climate change: pathways to change - NIWA November 2011

NIWA; December 2000
Kāpiti Coast Erosion Hazard Investigations: Waves, Tides, Storm Surge and Sea-level Rise

Reinen-Hamill, Richard A and Shand, Tom D (Tonkin and Taylor Ltd)
Selection of appropriate hazard levels for coastal hazards mapping of variable shoreline types - Tonkin and Taylor


Other information 

The following information was also available to the Panel prior to the December 2013 meeting.

GNS Science; September 2012 
Vertical land movement around the New Zealand coastline: implications for sea-level rise 

Greater Wellington Regional Council
Wellington Region Storm Tide Modelling 

Hawkes Bay Regional Council; 4 April 2008 
Coastal Hazard Zones - Valuation Report 2008

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA); June 2012 
Sea-level variability and trends: Wellington Region

NIWA - Dr Rob Bell
Sea-level rise - How are we tracking in the Wellington region and how will it affect coastal flooding?  

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