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Proposed District Plan (PDP) 2012

The Proposed District Plan (PDP) includes policies and rules regarding land use and subdivision for the whole Kāpiti Coast District. 

On 22 November 2017 the Council notified the Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017. Further details are available here.

This replaces the Proposed District Plan Notified version. At this time both the Operative District Plan 1999 and the Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017 have legal effect.

When determining an application for resource consent, the Council is required to have regard to objectives and policies and rules in both Plans.

For the Notified version of the PDP (2012) see Proposed District Plan documents below.

Proposed District Plan documents

This page contains information about the coastal hazard provision of the Kāpiti Coast Proposed District Plan 2012. 

The report "Coastal Erosion Hazard Assessment for the Kāpiti Coast: Review of the Science and Assessments Undertaken for the Proposed Kāpiti Coast District Plan 2012" can be found here.

Withdrawal of maps and provisions

May 2017 Withdrawals

On 13 April 2017 the Kapiti Coast District Council resolved to withdraw parts of the Proposed District Plan 2012 as below.

Public Notice - withdrawal of provisions 3 May 2017

List of affected provisions and PDP chapter page numbers - May 2017

Operative District Plan Provisions Remaining

In addition to the PDP Decisions Version 2017 provisions, the Operative District Plan provisions still apply until any appeals have been resolved. Once appeals are resolved, the following Operative District Plan provisions will continue to apply: Operative District Plan Provisions

October 2014 Withdrawals

As previously advised, based on the recommendations of the Independent Reviews of the PDP, the proposal to withdraw the maps and provisions relating to:

  • Coastal Hazard Management Areas,
  • hazardous facilities,
  • and references to priority areas for restoration was adopted by the Regulatory Management Committee on 2 October 2014 and publicly notified on 30 October 2014.

The PDP, updated using struck through text to reflect the withdrawal of text is available in Volume 1 of the PDP.   

Updated PDP maps with withdrawal layers are available in Volume 3 of the PDP.

For details about the withdrawal of whole or part of proposed district plans in Schedule 1 Section 8D of the RMA 1991, please visit the NZ Legislation website.

Further documents relating to the withdrawal of provisions

Public Notice - withdrawal of provisions 30 October 2014

List of affected provisions and PDP chapter page numbers

Proposed District Plan 2012

The following chapters of Volume 1 in the Proposed District Plan 2012 outline the provisions for coastal hazard management:

Chapter 4: Coastal Environment

Chapter 9: Hazards


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Proposed District Plan documents

Amendments made since the PDP was notified on 29 November 2012 have been incorporated into the Plan using strikethrough versions.

The notified PDP 2012 is also available on CD or hard copy on request.

Proposed District Plan 2012

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