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Submitter Engagement Version (SEV) 2015

The Submitter Engagement Version (SEV) of the Proposed District Plan (PDP) shows the changes recommended by the planners to the PDP in response to submissions received and formed the basis of engagement with submitters leading up to the hearings.

The amendments made in the SEV were for discussion purposes only and do not have legal effect.

Withdrawn provisions were not shown in the Submitter Engagement Version. If submitters wished to look at these, they are shown on the Proposed District Plan as struck through coloured text and can be found here.

Accompanying the release of the SEV was a PDP Update newsletter, which contained detailed information about the suggested changes.

Each chapter is presented in Volume 1 as a separate document. Every change that was suggested by the Planning Team to the original PDP is clearly marked so it is clear how the new document compares to the last:

  • items proposed for removal are struck through, e.g. release day
  • additions are underlined.

In addition to the annotated copy, there is a 'clean' copy of Volume 1. This presents the SEV without the marked changes showing.

It is important to note that the general public was not be part of this engagement process, due to the provisions of the Resource Management Act (RMA). Only submitters to the original PDP were allowed to take part, because this was a continuing part of the existing PDP process.

The aim was to work towards consensus and agreement wherever possible, prior to the formal hearings stage of the process.

Engagement Methods

Various methods were used to engage with submitters including:

PDP Update – a newsletter that provided progress updates and other relevant information on the PDP.

Issue workshop – where an issue involved many submitters, workshops provided a broad overview on progress relative to their submissions, proposed amendments and where any challenges may be.

Planner drop-in – from the beginning of July for eight weeks submitters could make an appointment to meet a council planner connected with the chapter relevant to their submission.

PDP chapter lead meeting – council planners contacted submitters to request a meeting to discuss a particular submission point. A third person attended the meeting to document any outcomes and actions. The meeting notes were made available to the submitter.

Facilitated meeting – where submitters and council were brought together to clarify or ideally reach agreement. The meetings were pre-arranged, facilitated by a non-council person and documented.

Pre-hearing meetings – this is an RMA formal process and this type of meeting was chaired by a Hearings Commissioner.