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SEV Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on the SEV of the Proposed District Plan.

What is the Submitter Engagement Version of the PDP?

It’s an updated draft of the PDP which shows redrafted chapters and changes suggested by planners after months spent reviewing tens of thousands of submission points.

Is it legally-binding?

No. It allowed for engagement with submitters.

How did engagement take place?

A range of possibilities were offered including drop-in meetings with planners, workshops and group meetings.

If submitters agreed with the changes, or reached agreement during engagement, could they sign off on the changes?

 Yes. Once agreement was reached, documents were signed to formalise the agreement. Many submitters found that their submission points were satisfied by the new Draft. Any agreement was presented to the hearings panel for final approval.

Could the public at large make comments?

No. It was only with submitters. The general public could not be part of this engagement process, due to the provisions of the RMA. General public engagement happened when the PDP first began.

Other than Council planners, has anyone else reviewed the Submitter Engagement Version to see whether it is an improvement on the original PDP?

Yes. As each chapter was completed (there are 12 in total), it went through a series of reviews – internally by our consents team, externally by Council’s legal advisers and also by Sylvia Allan, who headed the independent review of the PDP. All did endorse the new Draft, and  highlighted areas to be worked on throughout the engagement period.

Did this resolve all issues in the PDP?

No. It was already known that some issues would not be resolvable outside the formal hearings and appeals process.