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Volume 1: SEV Plan

Volume 1 of the Submitter Engagement Version consists of 12 chapters. 

You will notice several overall changes in structure and format that will ultimately make the plan more readable and understandable.

Examples are:

  • Relocating districtwide policies from some individual chapters in a new Chapter 2A
  • Combining Chapter 4 Coastal Environment with Chapter 3 Natural Environment
  • Generally removing explanations to the policies
  • Clarifying some of the default rules
  • Clarifying the distinction between standards and activities in some of the chapters.

Copies of the Submitter Engagement Version (SEV) can also be read at council libraries and service centres or you can order it on USB (at no charge) by telephoning 04 296 4700 or by email.

Getting your own copy of the SEV

Printed and electronic copies of the SEV documents can be ordered by:

  • making a request at a local service centre
  • contacting the call centre on 04 296 4700
  • email.

Expect a ten working day period between ordering and receiving your document.

The SEV Volumes 1 – 3 are available for viewing during standard library opening hours.

Electronic copies     

USB sticks containing electronic copies of the SEV and associated documents can be ordered at any of the council service centres, contacting the call centre on 04 296 4700 or by email. The USB stick will be sent by mail or can be collected from a service centre if pre-ordered. There is no charge for this service but expect five working days between ordering and receiving the USB stick.


1 Introduction and Interpretation
2 Objectives
2A Districtwide Policies (NEW)
3 Natural and Coastal Environment
4 Now included in Chapter 3
5 Living Zones
6 Working Zones
7 Rural Zones
8 Open Space
9 Hazards
10 Historic Heritage
11 Infrastructure, Services and Resource Use
12 General Provisions

 SEV - 'clean' copy without marked changes showing.

Accessibility: if you would like a text version of any of these documents, please email us.