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Independent Review on Proposed District Plan

In response to public concern about aspects of the Proposed District Plan 2012 (PDP), expressed in submissions and pre-hearings, Council commissioned an Independent Review of the PDP in October 2013.

The Independent Reviewers were Sylvia Allan and Richard Fowler, QC.

The Reviewers' final report is available for download or print from the link below. Hard copies of the report are available on request.

Independent Review of the Kapiti Coast Proposed District Plan  (PDF, 84 pages, 906Kb)

Outcome of the Independent Review

On 24 July 2014 Council chose Option 4 recommended by the Independent Review of the PDP to continue with a modified PDP process which addresses the Plan as a whole using the "basket of tools" available to Council.

Option 4 allows Council to build on all the previous work done and also makes use of important input from submitters.  It allows engagement with submitters while withdrawing contentious provisions like the coastal hazards provisions.

There will be a six-month period of submitter consultation and workshops before any formal pre-hearings and hearings begin.

The Independent Planning Review prepared by Sylvia Allan and Richard Fowler QC provided further legal advice to clarify which rules have immediate legal effect which results in a substantial reduction in the rules listed as such. Council staff have now made those changes.

Council has also chosen to accept the recommendations of the expert coastal panel which recommended further research needed to be done on coastal erosion hazards.

Council has formally withdrawn all the coastal hazard provisions of the PDP and will commit to a two-to-three year programme of scientific and engineering research.

Council decided to form a Coastal Advisory Group (CAG) comprised of statutory agencies and community representatives to guide Council's future work programme in consultation with the community. 

To view the Council Officer's report to Council on 24 July 2014, go here.