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Decisions Version 2017 - Proposed District Plan

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Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017


Note: We are currently operating under two District Plans. At this time both the Operative District Plan (ODP) and the Proposed District Plan (PDP) Appeals version 2018 have legal effect.

The ODP will continue to have legal effect where any corresponding objectives, policies and provisions in the PDP have been appealed. As appeals are resolved, the ODP provisions will fall away and the PDP will be relied on.

While we still have both an ODP and a PDP it is necessary to comply with both Plans. However, rules in the PDP that are not subject to appeals must be treated as operative, and the corresponding ODP rules fall away.

Any rules in the PDP which cannot be treated as operative still have legal effect and are afforded 'weighting' on a case by case basis, depending on the nature and extent of the appeal. 


Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017

On 22 November 2017, the Council publicly notified the Decisions version of the Proposed Plan.

This replaced the Proposed District Plan 29 November 2012 Notified version.

The table below shows the Proposed District Plan 2012 as amended by Decisions (9 November 2017) and the Recommendation Reports for the Plan and its submissions.


Volume 1 - Plan  |  Volume 2 - Appendices  |  Volume 3 - Maps

Instructions on how to use the Decisions table.



as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (clean copy)


 as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (tracked change version)

Volume 1 Plan Table of Contents PDF  
Chapter 1 Introduction and Interpretation PDF PDF
Chapter 2 Objectives PDF PDF
Chapter 2A District-Wide Policies PDF N/A
Chapter 3 Natural Environment PDF Landscape & Earthworks, Ecology & Vegetation
Chapter 4 Coastal Environment PDF PDF
Chapter 5 Living Zones PDF PDF
Chapter 6 Working Zones PDF PDF
Chapter 7 Rural Zones PDF Rural Environment, Rural Re-zoning Requests
Chapter 8 Open Space and Private Recreation and Leisure Zones PDF PDF
Chapter 9 Hazards PDF PDF
Chapter 10 Historic Heritage PDF PDF
Chapter 11 Infrastructure, Services and Associated Resource Use PDF Network Utilities & Services, Access & Transport, Community Facilities 
Chapter 12 General Provisions PDF PDF


as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (clean version)


as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (trackchanged version)

Chapter 3 Natural Environment  
Appendix 3.1: Development Incentives Guidelines PDF
 Chapter 5 Living Environment  
Appendix 5.1: Medium Density Housing Design Guide  PDF
Appendix 5.2: Ōtaki Beach, Raumati, Paekākāriki Special Character Areas: Design Guidelines  PDF
Appendix 5.3: Ferndale Area Structure Plan and Notations  PDF
Appendix 5.4: Pekawy Development Area Structure Plan and Notations  PDF
Appendix 5.5: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Guidelines  PDF
Appendix 5.6: Waikanae North Design Guide  PDF
Appendix 5.7: Ngarara Zone Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 5.8: Ngarara Zone Management Principles  PDF
Chapter 6 Working Environment  
Appendix 6.1: Paekākāriki Village Centre Design Guide  PDF
Appendix 6.2: Meadows Precinct Design Guidelines  PDF
Appendix 6.3: Meadows Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 6.4: Structure Plan for Development of Lot 2 DP 441854 (Milne Drive, Paraparaumu)  PDF
Appendix 6.5: Ōtaki South Precinct Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 6.6: Design Guide for the Airport Zone  PDF
Appendix 6.7: District Centre Zone Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 6.8: Concept Plan for Industrial /Service Land at Paraparaumu Quarry  PDF
Appendix 6.9: Centres Design Principles  PDF
Chapter 7 Rural Environment  
Appendix 7.1: Peka Peka North Rural Residential Development Area  PDF
Appendix 7.2: Ngarara Precinct Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 7.3: Ngarara Precinct Management Principles  PDF
Appendix 7.4: Waikanae North Eco-Hamlet Zone Structure Plan  PDF
Appendix 7.5: Ōtaki North Eco-Hamlet Zone Structure Plan  PDF
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MAPS to PDP 2012 - VOLUME 3

as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (clean version)

MAPS to PDP 2012 - VOLUME 3

as amended by Decisions 2017 (PDP) (trackchanged version)

Districtwide Zones and Features Maps    
Decision Key Map  Notified & Decision Key Map Notified & Decision Key Map
Map 1A and B 1A Notified 1A Decision 1B Notified 1B Decision
Map 2A and B 2A Notified 2A Decision 2B Notified 2B Decision
Map 3A and B 3A Notified 3A Decision 3B Notified 3B Decision
Map 4A and B 4A Notified 4A Decision 4B Notified 4B Decision
Map 5A and B 5A Notified 5A Decision 5B Notified 5B Decision
Map 6A and B 6A Notified 6A Decision 6B Notified 6B Decision
Map 7A and B 7A Notified 7A Decision 7B Notified 7B Decision
Map 8A and B 8A Notified 8A Decision 8B Notified 8B Decision
Map 9A and B 9A Notified 9A Decision 9B Notified 9B Decision
Map 10A and B 10A Notified 10A Decision 10B Notified 10B Decision
Map 11A and B 11A Notified 11A Decision 11B Notified 11B Decision
Map 12A and B 12A Notified 12A Decision 12B Notified 12B Decision
Map 13A and B 13A Notified 13A Decision 13B Notified 13B Decision
Map 14A and B 14A Notified 14A Decision 14B Notified 14B Decision
Map 15A and B 15A Notified 15A Decision 15B Notified 15B Decision
Map 16A and B 16A Notified 16A Decision 16B Notified 16B Decision
Map 17A and B 17A Notified 17A Decision 17B Notified 17B Decision
Map 18A and B 18A Notified 18A Decision 18B Notified 18B Decision
Map 19A and B 19A Notified 19A Decision 19B Notified 19B Decision
Map 20A and B 20A Notified 20A Decision 20B Notified 20B Decision
Map 21A and B 21A Notified 21A Decision 21B Notified 21B Decision
Map 22A and B 22A Notified 22A Decision 22B Notified 22B Decision
Map 23A and B 23A Notified 23A Decision 23B Notified 23B Decision
Map 24A and B 24A Notified 24A Decision 24B Notified 24B Decision
Natural Hazards and Natural Features Maps
Decision Key Map Notified & Decision Key Map Notified & Decision Key Map
Map 1C and D 1C Notified 1C Decision 1D Notified 1D Decision
Map 2C and D 2C Notified 2C Decision 2D Notified 2D Decision 
Map 3C and D 3C Notified 3C Decision 3D Notified 3D Decision
Map 4C and D 4C Notified 4C Decision 4D Notified 4D Decision 
Map 5C and D 5C Notified 5C Decision 5D Notified 5D Decision
Map 6C and D 6C Notified 6C Decision 6D Notified 6D Decision
Map 7C and D 7C Notified 7C Decision 7D Notified 7D Decision 
Map 8C and D 8C Notified 8C Decision 8D Notified 8D Decision
Map 9C and D 9C Notified 9C Decision  9D Notified 9D Decision
Map 10C and D 10C Notified 10C Decision 10D Notified 10D Decision
Map 11C and D 11C Notified 11C Decision 11D Notified 11D Decision
Map 12C and D 12C Notified 12C Decision 12D Notified 12D Decision
Map 13C and D 13C Notified 13C Decision 13D Notified 13D Decision
Map 14C and D  14C Notified 14C Decision 14D Notified 14D Decision
Map 15C and D  15C Notified 15C Decision 15D Notified 15D Decision 
Map 16C and D  16C Notified 16C Decision 16D Notified 16D Decision
Map 17C and D  17C Notified 17C Decision 17D Notified 17D Decision
Map 18C and D  18C Notified 18C Decision 18D Notified 18D Decision
Map 19C and D  19C Notified 19C Decision 19D Notified 19D Decision
Map 20C and D  20C Notified 20C Decision 20D Notified 20D Decision
Map 21C and D  21C Notified 21C Decision 21D Notified 21D Decision
Map 22C and D  22C Notified 22C Decision 22D Notified 22D Decision
Map 23C and D  23C Notified 23C Decision 23D Notified 23D Decision
Map 24C and D  24C Notified 24C Decision 24D Notified 24D Decision
Transport Hierarchy, Freight Hierarchy and Aerodrome Maps
Transport Hierarchy Map  Decision Key Map Notified & Decision Key Map
  Decision Map 1 1 Notified 1 Decision 
  Decision Map 2  2 Notified 2 Decision 
  Decision Map 3  3 Notified 3 Decision
Aerodrome Map Decision  Map Notified & Decision Key Map
    1 Notified
    1 Decision
Freight Hierarchy Map   Deleted in Decision 1 Notified 1 Recommended 

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