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Chapter 10 Historic Heritage (Waahi Tapu)

Hearings Agenda

Hearings Agenda Chapter 10 Historic Heritage - Waahi Tapu

Hearings Agenda Recordings

Sn 42A Reporting Officer's Response

Reporting Officer's Response

Sn 42A Report

Sn 42A Report Overview

Sn 42A Report Overview Supporting Statement - Dr Des Kahotea

Sn 42A Report Part A Published on web 4/03/16

Sn 42A Report Part B Published on web 31/08/16

Appendix A Published on web 31/08/16

Appendix B Published on web 31/08/16

Appendix C Published on web 31/08/16


Index to Allin Evidence and Submissions Received 26/02/16

Allin Evidence and Submissions Received 26/02/16 

Heritage New Zealand Received 14/09/16

Heritage New Zealand Attachment Received 14/09/16

Maypole Environmental Ltd - Kevin Jones Received 15/09/16

Maypole Environmental Ltd - Morrie Love  Replacement Received 28/09/16

Maypole Environmental Ltd - Chris Hansen Received 19/09/16


Maypole Environmental Ltd - Memorandum - Chapter 10 - Waahi Tapu - 31 March 2017