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Chapter 12 General and District-Wide - (Financial Contributions only)

Hearings Agenda

Hearings Agenda - Financial Contributions

Hearings Agenda Recordings

Sn 42A Reporting Officer's Response

Reporting Officer's Response

Sn 42A Report

Sn 42A Report Overview

Sn 42A Report Part A Published on web 4/03/16

Sn 42A Report Part B Published on web 29/08/16

Appendix 1 Memorandum on Financial Contributions Published on web 29/08/16

Appendix 2 Memorandum on Roading Contributions Published on web 29/08/16


Index to Allin Evidence and Submissions Received 26/02/16

Allin Evidence and Submissions Received 26/02/16 

New Zealand Transport Agency - Robert Harris Received 09/09/16