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Plan Change 84 - Airport Zone

Privately requested Plan Change

Kapiti Coast Airport Holdings Limited requested a private plan change to the operative District Plan 1999. 

The private plan change amends a number of the policies and rules relating to the Airport Zone to allow resource consent to be sought for some retail activities and for noise-sensitive activities outside the Air Noise Boundary, as well as several consequential changes.

Plan Change 84 was notified on 24 February 2016 and submissions closed on  23 March 2016. The Council received seven submissions on the private plan change - links to these are provided below.

Further submissions closed on Wednesday 28 September 2016. Five further submissions were received as below.

The Hearing for the Private Plan Change was held on 13 and 15 February and 20 March 2017.

On 19 October 2017 the Council resolved to adopt the recommendations of the Hearing Panel on Private Plan Change 84 and to notify its decision on 25 October 2017. No appeals were received.

The plan change was made operative on 16 February 2018.

Operative date for Plan Change 84

Public Notice - Operative date for Plan Change 84

Council report and wording of Plan Change 84

Decision on Plan Change 84

Public Notice - Council Decision on Plan Change 84

Council Decision on Plan Change 84

Hearing Panel Report and Recommendations

Report and Recommendations of Hearing Panel to Kapiti Coast District Council - 8 September 2017

Appendices to Hearing Panel Report

Sn42A Reporting Officer's Response

Recommended Changes to ODP (Tracked Changes) - 20 March 2017

Sn42A Reporting Officer's Response

Attachment 1 - TWOK Agenda - 25 August 2015

Attachment 2 - TWOK Minutes - 25 August 2015

Attachment 3 - Wharemauku Expressway Bridge Plans

Attachment 4 - Recommended Changes to ODP - Updated 20 March 2017

Traffic & Transport Response to Hearing Panel Minute 3 - D Wignall

Retail Response to Hearing Panel Minute 3 - T Heath

Economic Response to Hearing Panel Minute 3 - P Osborne

Hearings Panel Minutes

Minute 1 - 5 December 2016

Minute 2 - 10 February 2017

Minute 3 - 23 February 2017

Hearings Agenda

Reconvened Plan Change 84 Hearing Agenda - 20 March 2017

Plan Change 84 - Airport Zone Hearings Agenda - 13/15 February 2017

Applicant's Expert Evidence

KCAHL Evidence of  Neil Donnelly - Corporate - 27/01/17

KCAHL Evidence of  Tim Kelly - Transport - 27/01/17

KCAHL Evidence of  Poul Israelson - Planning - 27/01/17

KCAHL Evidence of  Fraser Colgrave - Economics- 27/01/17

Submitters' Expert Evidence

Coastlands Shoppingtown Ltd

Economic evidence - John Small - 3 February 2017

Economic evidence - Mike Copeland - 3 February 2017

Traffic evidence - Mark Georgeson - 3 February 2017

Urban design evidence - James Lunday - 3 February 2017

Christopher Hansen - 3 February 2017


Ngahina Trust - Matthew Holder - 3 February 2017

NZTA - Transport Evidence - Alan Kerr - 3 February 2017

NZTA - Planning Evidence - Angela Penfold - 3 February 2017

NZTA - Reference Environment Court Case - Mighty River Power Ltd v Porirua City Council

NZTA - Reference High Court Case - RJ Davidson Family Trust v Marlborough District Councils et al

Sn 42A Report

Sn 42A Report Overview

Sn 42A Report Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendix 1 - Existing Operative District Plan Provisions Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendix 2 - Retail Overview Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendix 3 - Economic Overview Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendix 4 - Traffic Assessment Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendix 5 - Noise Review Published on web on 20/12/16

Appendices 6 and 7 are contained within the Sn 42A Report

Appendix 8 - NZ Environment Court Decision Published on web on 20/12/16

Further transport information

Modelling method

Airport Traffic Model Review - Pre review

Airport Traffic Model Review - Post review

SIDRA Site Level of Service 23k - January 2017

SIDRA Site Level of Service 43k - January 2017

SIDRA Site Level of Service 62k - January 2017

Links to Documents:

Public Notice - Notification for further submissions

Summary of Submissions on Plan Change 84

Further Submissions

FS 1. Coastlands Shoppingtown Ltd

FS 2. Ngahina Developments Ltd

FS 3. Alpha Corporation Ltd

FS 4. Sheffield Properties Ltd

FS 5. Richard Mansell

Individual submissions

1. Coastlands Shoppingtown Ltd

2. Ngahina Developments Ltd

3. Alpha Corporation Ltd

4. Sheffield Properties Ltd

5. Richard Mansell

6. Ngahina Trust

7. New Zealand Transport Agency

8. Coastlands amended submission post Environment Court declaration

Private Plan Change request, including Section 32 Evaluation

Public Notice (February 2016)

Plan Change 84

Frequently Asked Questions – Plan Change 84: Airport Zone

What is a Private Plan Change?

A plan change is a legal process for making a change to the operative District Plan. Any private individual or organisation (usually landowners and developers) has the right to request such a change.  This private plan change was initiated by Kapiti Coast Airport Holdings Ltd (KCAHL).

When does a Private Plan Change have legal effect?

A private plan change only has legal effect once it becomes fully operative (i.e. once all submissions have been heard and decided on, any Environment Court appeals have been resolved, and the Council has formally made it operative).

What is the Council’s role on a Private Plan Change?

The Council’s role is to notify the plan change for submissions and further submissions, receive and process those submissions, and to hold a hearing to decide on the plan change. 

In accordance with Section 34 and Section 34A of the RMA, the Council delegated authority to an Independent Hearing Panel to consider all submissions received on Private Plan Change 84, to consider the Private Plan Change against Sections 32 and 32AA and to report to Council recommending whether the Private Plan Change provisions should be declined, approved or approved with amendments (based upon the submissions received and the evidence heard) and the reasons for its recommendations.

In accordance with Clause 29(4) of Schedule 1 of the RMA, it is Council's role to make a decision to decline the plan change or approve it or approve it with modifications, after having particular regard to the Panel's evaluation, Council must also notify its decisions on Private Plan Change 84 and serve a copy of the decision on Kāpiti Coast Airport Holdings Limited and submitters to the Private Plan Change.

The final stage of the process is for Council to make the plan change operative under Clause 20 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

What is the scope of Plan Change 84?

Plan Change 84 is a change to the operative Kāpiti Coast District Plan (NOT the Proposed District Plan).

The intent of the plan change is to remove the “prohibited activity” status on some specific land use activities (see below for simple definitions of what this means). The Plan change amends specific policies, a definition and rules applying to the Airport Zone. It removes the prohibited activity status of some specific land use activities so that resource consent can be sought. The Plan Change enables resource consent to be sought for:

  • noise-sensitive activities (e.g. residential activities) outside the Air Noise Boundary as discretionary or non-complying activities (unless provided for as a permitted activity), and
  • the following retail activities:
    • one department store as a non-complying activity (more than one department store is a prohibited activity]
    • one supermarket as a discretionary activity, and more than one supermarket as a non-complying activity; and
    • more than one store between 151m² and 1,500m2 in gross floor area that retails groceries or non-specified food lines as a non-complying activity.

What are “prohibited”, “non-complying” and “discretionary activities”?

In simple terms, no one can apply for a resource consent for a “prohibited” activity: it isn’t allowed for in the District Plan.

“Discretionary” activities may be allowed. A resource consent must be applied for, and the Council will decide whether to grant it and also whether any conditions should be attached to the consent.

A “non-complying” activity also may be allowed by Council. Again, a resource consent must be applied for, and the Council will decide whether to grant it and also whether any conditions should be attached to the consent.

However, there are some extra considerations Council must also take into account: in particular resource consent can only be granted if either the adverse effects of the consent on the environment are minor, or the activity is not contrary to the objectives and policies of the District Plan.

What are noise-sensitive activities?

The operative District Plan defines noise-sensitive activities as “residential accommodation of all types, hotels, motels, pre-schools, schools, educational facilities, libraries, child care centres and hospitals”.

What is the relationship with the Proposed District Plan Hearings Process?

The hearing and decision-making process for Private Plan Change 84 to the operative District Plan 1999 is a separate process to that for hearing and deciding on submissions to the Proposed District Plan (PDP).  However, because the substance of the private plan change is similar to some submissions to the PDP, the PDP Hearing Panel heard Private Plan Change 84 immediately after hearing submissions on Chapter 6 of the PDP (which contains the Airport Zone provisions).

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