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Publicly Notified Resource Consents

All publicly notified resource consents are listed on this page.  There are also links to a copy of the public notice and submission forms.

Notification of applications for Resource Consent under Section 93 - 95F of the Resource Management Act 1991.

When a resource consent is received the Council conducts an assessment of its environmental effects.  If the environmental effects are more than minor the resource consent requires public notification under Section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991.

All publicly notified resource consents are listed on this page. 

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RM170213 Coastlands Shopping Town Limited

Notification of an application for resource consent pursuant to section 95A of the Resource Management Act 1991.


189 Otaihanga Road, Otaihanga

The application site is legally described as SO 505428 (previously PTLot 1 DP 303764 prior to the construction of the Kapiti Expressway)

Resource Consent Reference Number:


Name of Applicant:

Coastlands Shoping Town Limited
Applicant's Address for Service:

Coastlands Shopping Town Limited
C/- Chris Hansen
PO Box 51 282
Wellington 5249

Type of consent sought: Land Use 

Description of Application

The applicant proposes to erect and display a commercial sign advertising directions to Coastlands Shopping Town.

  • The sign will measure 4.9m x 2.9m, and be situated 1m from the ground.
  • The purpose of the sign is to advise motorists travelling south on the Kapiti Expressway that the exit that they are approaching provides access to Coastlands Shopping Town.

The site is zoned Rural under the Kāpiti Coast District Plan and the proposal is a Discretionary activity.


All documents are in PDF format and available for download or print from the links below.

Application for Resource Consent - Coastlands Shopping Town

Request for further information: Coastlands Shopping Town

Harriet Fraser Traffic Safety Report Addendum

Applicant Landscape Report DCM

Council Landscape Assessment Peer Review 1

Council Landscape Assessment Peer Review 2

 The application can be viewed during normal business hours at:

  •  Reception Foyer, Ground Floor Kāpiti Coast District Council Office 175 Rimu Road Paraparaumu 5032 


Other Public Notices

Check the Kāpiti Observer newspapers for all Kāpiti Coast District Council public notices and tender documents.

Public Notification Procedure

The submission period for notified resource consents is 20 working days.  After the submission period closes a hearing date is set.

Following the hearing a Hearing Committee has 15 working days to consider the application and release a decision.  After a decision has been released both the applicant and submitters have the right to appeal the decision within 15 working days.

Any appeals are lodged with the Environment Court, which is likely to ask the parties to undertake mediation.  If the concerns can't be resolved in mediation then the matter will go to an Environment Court hearing.

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