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Annual and long term plans

Every three years the Council develops a long term plan, with annual plans in the years in between.  Our current plan is our long term plan for 2018-38, below.  Check our previous annual and long term plan page for earlier plans.

The 2019 annual plan development process is underway and the plan will be adopted by 1 July 2019. Read more about developing the plan here.

Long term plan 2018-38

Our 2018-38 Long term plan for building a stronger Kāpiti together was adopted by the Council on 28 June 2018.

The long term plan sets out our direction, our financial and infrastructure strategies and our budget for the 20 years from 2018 to 2038, with detailed planning included for the three years ahead.

Our long term plan is in two parts.  You can read it here or view a printed copy at our libraries or service centres.

Part one:

Download Part one in full, or individual sections:

Part two:

Download Part two in full, or individual sections:


Strategic Context

A summary of the environment we operate in.  Including: relevant legislation; demographics of the district; our iwi partnership; our geography, history, housing and economy; our place within the region; our current vision; the services we provide; our financial position; challenges and opportunities.


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 Find out more about our long term plan

Our vision and direction

Living within our means

Key projects and initiatives

What you get for your rates

Changing how we share rates across the district

A plan shaped through community consultation

See our plan on a page

Our 'Plan on a page' summarises our key challenges, financial strategy and our outcomes.

See our plan on a page