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Annual Plan 2019-20

Developing the 2019-20 annual plan

There is lots of information that will guide the future annual plan for 2019-20, along with the current plan for 2018-19 in toitu Kāpiti  on our Kapiti 2038 long term plan pages. We’ll be bringing more information to the website as next year’s annual plan is developed between now and when it starts on 1 July 2019.

What has happened so far?

Councillors kicked off the process at a workshop discussion with staff on 14 February. This workshop revisited what plans were agreed for 2019/20 during the toitu Kāpiti 2038 consultation in 2018. Next they will formally agree the approach to finalising the plan's content at the Council meeting of 14 March.

After that, there'll be more detailed information to share with the community about where budget will be allocated and to what parts of the Council's work programmes. This engagement period will also point out any small adjustments that may need to be made to the activities and budget agreed on during long term plan consultation. It will also confirm what this will mean for setting rates for the new financial year and how much rates will need to go up, mainly to cover increases in core operating costs. Like all local bodies, Council is working hard to minimise those increases for its ratepayers.

How will I hear about what's happening?

We'll be telling the community in more detail about what to expect over a two week period, probably towards the end of March/beginning of April 2019. This information will be provided through our online and digital channels, like this website and Facebook and there'll be hard copies of material available in our service centres and libraries. There'll also be information in your local newspaper.

The community will be able to choose to comment to Council and councillors on the plans that are being confirmed before Council finally agrees them before July 2019. 

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What is an annual plan?

It’s a document that outlines Council’s budget and all its services for the coming year.

It’s where any budget changes from the long term plan are identified, for example, where funding may need to be reprioritised because of changes in the operating environment.

Council will adopt the annual plan for 2019-20 before July 2019.