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Changing how we share rates across the district

After exploring options to address affordability issues a change in our rating system from 2018/19 will see less of ratepayers’ rates bills made up of fixed charges, and more charges in proportion with each property’s capital value.  It’ll also see the introduction of a commercially targeted rate, to fund a portion of our economic development activity.

These changes will mean lower rates increases for 71% of residential ratepayers for 2018/19.  In addition, a change to the rates remission policy will mean support for low-income households is available to more ratepayers.

The proposed changes were shared with the community for feedback during consultation on our long term plan.

Find out more about our 2018-38 Long term plan and check our rating policy and rates remission policy.



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Our 'Plan on a page' summarises our key challenges, financial strategy and our outcomes.

See our plan on a page