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Living within our means

Our district is in good shape. The economy is strong and the better connections to Wellington and the attractiveness of Kāpiti as a place to live mean we can be optimistic about our growth prospects for the next few years.

Right now our aim is to improve our financial position so that we have more room to manoeuvre in the current financially constrained environment. We’ll do this by reducing our build and renewal programme so we can start reducing our debt.

In short, we’ll be spending less so we can pay back more.  We’re making a start on reducing our borrowings right now by using the majority of this year’s surplus to pay off debt.

The Council’s financial strategy describes our overall financial goals and determines how we’ll fund our operations and capital expenditure. Find out more about the Kāpiti Resilience and Kāpiti Growth Funds.

Our focus is on achieving a balance between three key areas: delivering affordable rates; minimising our borrowings; and optimising our capital spending. Change in any one of these elements will affect either one or both of the others, so we have to achieve a balance by setting financial targets and limits.

Our average rates increase for the first year of the long term plan is 4.8%; our average projected increase over the first three years of this plan is 4.9% and for the full 20 years is 2.6%. 

Find out more about our long term plan 2018-38, and read our financial strategy.



 Find out more about our long term plan

Our long term plan in detail

Our vision and direction

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A plan shaped through community consultation

See our plan on a page

Our 'Plan on a page' summarises our key challenges, financial strategy and our outcomes.

See our plan on a page