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Our vision – toitū Kāpiti

Summing up how we’ll work with our challenges and environment as we set our path for the future is our vision, ‘toitū Kāpiti.’  It reflects our drive for a vibrant and thriving Kāpiti, while also incorporating our aspiration for strong, safe communities and our deep connection to the natural environment. 

Toitū means to be sustainable, and for us it means that we need to protect and improve the wellbeing of our land and waters, so we can create an environment that is able to sustain, support and nourish its communities. Toitū te whenua, toitū te wai, toitū te tāngata, toitū Kāpiti!

Where we’re heading

The ‘plan on a page’ opposite illustrates the key challenges, approaches and goals developed, with input from our community, as part of our long term planning.  We’ve set out eleven 10-year outcomes to work towards, with five of these in particular being our focus in the first three years.  These focus outcomes are:

Improved financial position against financial constraints

This means we will:

  • reduce borrowing to bring down our debt;
  • fully fund depreciation within five years, so we can afford to replace facilities such as roads and pipes; and
  • spend less by prioritising what is most important so we can keep rates sustainable for our communities.

Infrastructure investment that supports resilience and agreed growth projections

This means we’ll plan for growth and invest in the right things at the right time, and in the right place, to support the needs of our communities.

Improved accessibility of Council services

This will make it easier for people to:

  • use the services and amenities the Council provides because barriers such as cost, transport, physical accessibility and connectivity have been considered;
  • know what’s happening and have their say; and
  • get things done with the Council.

A positive response to our distinct district identity

This means that:

  • we understand and promote what’s special about Kāpiti; and
  • Kāpiti people are proud ambassadors for our district so that more people see Kāpiti as a great place to visit, live, work and start new businesses.

An effective response to climate change in Kāpiti

This means we’ll use the information, policies and strategies coming from central and regional government, and work with the community to respond to climate change in Kāpiti.

See full details on our long term plan 2018-38.



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Living within our means

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A plan shaped through community consultation

See our plan on a page

Our 'Plan on a page' summarises our key challenges, financial strategy and our outcomes.

See our plan on a page