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FutureKāpiti Annual plan 2017/18

The 2017/18 annual plan was adopted by council on 29 June 2017, which results in an average rates increase of 5.7%.

 Our annual plan 2017/18

The annual plan process

The adoption of the annual plan was the final step in a process which started with council workshops to help shape the draft plan and consultation document, and was followed by public consultation from 31 March to 1 May 2017 and then by hearings for those who wished to talk to their submissions on 15 and 16 May.

Councillors were given an overview of key themes and issues from those submissions at a briefing on 11 May and were provided with copies of all submissions. The issues raised through the submissions and any additional matters raised at the hearings in mid-May were discussed at a meeting on 1 June and final decisions were made at a subsequent meeting on 15 June.  Formal adoption of the FutureKāpiti Annual Plan 2017/18 on 29 June 2017 was the final step in a thorough and considered process of consultation.

Over 130 people or organisations provided submissions on the annual plan or the regional waste plan that we consulted on alongside that.  Of those, 37 submitters spoke to their submissions at the Council hearings in mid-May 2017. 

Why an annual plan

Our current overarching plan is the FutureKāpiti Long term plan 2015-35, which was adopted by the Council in 2015 following extensive community consultation. This plan started the journey for Kāpiti to become a vibrant, diverse and thriving district.

While the long term plan maps out our plans for the upcoming 20 years, we also need the flexibility to adjust the plan as circumstances require. Mayor K Gurunathan says:

“Our planning for 2017/18 reflects our work following through on our long term commitments while responding to more recent changes.”

This 2017/18 annual plan sets out adjustments to our long term plans, and the level of rates for the 2017/18 financial year.


What does it mean for my rates?

The average rates increase across the district for 2017/18 is 5.7%, Actual rates increase for individual properties will differ, however: