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Building, Resource Consents and District Plan

In order to undertake your development, you may need to apply for BOTH a building consent and a resource consent.

Despite having a building consent, you may not be able to build without a resource consent and vice versa. Applications must be lodged separately and are considered under different legislation. Some resource consent conditions or district plan requirements require building work to satisfy the requirement for which building consent is needed eg. water management requirements.

On 22 November 2017, the Council publicly notified the Decisions version of the Proposed Plan.

The District Plan can now be found in electronic format (ePlan) here.

This replaces the Proposed District Plan Notified version. At this time both the Operative District Plan 1999 and the Proposed District Plan Decisions Version 2017 have legal effect.

When determining an application for consent, the Council is required to have regard to objectives and policies and rules in both Plans.

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