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Kāpiti Road: Arawhata Road to Ngahina Street

The upgrade of Kāpiti Road from Arawhata Road to Ngahina Street was the first project to be completed for the town centres project in a joint venture with Council’s Stride ‘n’ Ride initiative.



The upgrade recognises the importance of providing safer pedestrian and cycle access to the centre of the town. Design work started in March 2016, construction began in August 2016 and work was completed in January 2017.

Work included putting power underground on both sides of the road, installing a 2.5 wide metre shared pathway along the south-side of Kāpiti Road and on-road cycleways on both sides of the road.

There is a section between Brett Ambler Way and Arawhata Road (where the empty paddock is) where the shared pathway has not been joined up. That’s because this land is privately owned. We hope to be able to finish this section at a later date.

Why was this work important?

With traffic volumes in excess of 25,000 vehicles a day, Kāpiti Road is the busiest in the district. Work is currently underway to help improve safety and the journey for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. 

Kāpiti Road has been widened as part of the Expressway project near the on-and-off-ramps. Traffic signals will control traffic where these ramps join Kāpiti Road.

We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to do the town centre project improvements from Arawhata Road to Ngahina Street to provide safer pedestrian and cyclist access to and from the centre of town.