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Other town centre improvements

Our town centres improvements projects are initially focusing on Waikanae and Paraparaumu town centres. Other work has already been done in most of our District’s other town centres, but over time we'd like to revisit and redevelop these. We'd appreciate your input into the potential timing of any future upgrades. These will be considered alongside the rates affordability issue in our long term planning processes.

Here's a breakdown of the previous work completed on town centres in the District, to give you an idea of what has already been done. If you have a view on priorities for future work for these and other centres please let us know at one of our open days or contact us at

Where What was done and when Amount spent
Paekākāriki 2006-2011: General upgrade to the main street including street furniture $650,000 
Raumati Beach 2011-2013: Major upgrade of stormwater system and bridge to reduce flooding risk, upgrade of Marine Gardens including installation of the splash pad, undergrounding of power and telephone services, purchase of addition car parking space 

TOTAL $8,410,000

Made up of: $839,000 gardens $678,000 car parking $3,515,000 stormwater $3,378,000 bridge 

Paraparaumu Beach 2007-2010: Upgrade of the main shopping street and connections through to the beach area  $1,170,000 
Waikanae Beach 2016 Community Futures Project  
Ōtaki SH1 and railway station 2008-2009: Upgrade of the railway carpark and landscaping surround it to tie through to the main road  $400,000 
Ōtaki Main Street 2010-2012: Major upgrade of stormwater system, street furniture, paving, parking zones and traffic movement  $2,740,000 
General town centres work 2006-2011  Small packages of work spread over different centres and years  $360,000