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Coastlands and Rimu Road

Our Rimu Road works are mostly finished with some minor safety improvements to the existing pedestrian crossing and some cycle lane markings still to be completed.

Here's a summary of what the project has included:

On the corner of Rimu Road, Iver Trask Place and Kāpiti Primary School:

  • landscaping and planting
  • creation of a bay for buses to safely pull in and collect passengers, and help traffic flow more smoothly.

Across the road outside Tākiri House and the Coastlands car park we’ve:

  • improved the access between the footpath and shops
  • created four gardens
  • provided more seating.

We've also installed ducting on both sides of Rimu Road so we don't have to dig up the road again should we decide to install traffic lights later at the Rimu Road/Iver Trask Place intersection.

Latest update 11 June 2018

With changes to the weather forecast there’s no longer a window of dry, warm weather to do the final safety improvements to the existing pedestrian crossing and to do the cycle lane markings. Unfortunately, this means we’ll need to postpone until later in the year.

Retail expansion on Rimu Road

Working together on improving our town centre - Town centres are at the heart of our communities. We want Paraparaumu town centre to be vibrant, diverse and thriving – a place where people want to spend time and where they can access the services they need safely. Improving our town centres will take time and means working together with business, investors and the community. We can't do this on our own.

Coastlands has built an exciting new two-storey retail space in the carpark adjoining Rimu Road. Known as Tākiri House.  This retail space is now open and helps to link Coastlands to the civic precinct.

We're working with Coastlands to share and align ideas for developments that will transform Rimu Road into the main street of Paraparaumu. This retail expansion supports the delivery of our masterplan for improving the Paraparaumu town centre.

View from coastlands beyond Takiri Building