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Project Reports

These are the reports of assessment, investigation and planning for Waikanae, Paraparaumu, Raumati water supply project.

Consent Application Reports 
Council Reports 
Dam Designation
Technical Reports
Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Reports
Supporting Documents 
Water Supply Annual Reports


Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) Consent Application Reports

The documents listed below were lodged with GWRC as part of the consent application for the Waikanae River Recharge scheme.  All document are in PDF and available for download or print from the links below: 

Volume 1: Summary Report (14 pages, 530Kb)

Volume 2: Assessment of Environmental Effects (85 pages, 1Mb)

Volume 3: Technical Reports

Volume 4:

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Council Reports

Council reports prepared by the project team are available for review below.


September 2012

Water Supply Project - River Recharge with Groundwater Resource Consent Application (IS-12-672) (PDF, 10 pages, 107Kb)

June 2012

Water Supply Project Professional Services (IS-12-543) (PDF, 4 pages, 74Kb)

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December 2011

Water Supply Project Update (IS-11-440) (PDF, pages, 168Kb)

October 2011

Water Supply Project Update (IS-11-363) (PDF, 6 pages, 136Kb)

September 2011

Water Supply Project - River Investigation Findings (IS-11-349) (PDF, 4 pages, 87Kb)
Appendix (PDF, 86 pages, 2Mb)

August 2011

Water Project Update (IS-11-313) (PDF, 5 pages, 111Kb)

May 2011

Water Supply Project Update (IS-11-199) (PDF, 6 pages, 94Kb)

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September 2010

Water Supply Project - Budget Reallocation (AS-10-997) (PDF, 8 pages, 90Kb)

Memorandum of Understanding with Te Āti Awa ki Whakarongotai in relation to Water (SP-10-1008) (PDF, 6 pages, 115Kb)

August 2010

Water Supply Project - Preferred Solution (AS-10-967) (PDF, 19 pages, 595Kb)

June 2010

Water Supply Project - Options Shortlisting (AS-10-922) (PDF, 11 pages, 168Kb)

March 2010

Water Supply Project - Option Selection (DP-10-818) (PDF, 16 pages, 141Kb)

December 2009

Water Supply Options - Information Review (DP-09-762) (PDF, 5 pages, 45Kb)
Water Supply Project Budget Reallocation (DP-09-763) (PDF, 12 pages, 93Kb)

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Dam Designation Report

Draft Notice of Requirement for a Designation by the Kāpiti Coast District Council (PDF, 61 pages, 577Kb)
Notice of Requirement for a Designation in the Kapiti Coast District Plan for Water Supply Purposes (Lower Maungakotukutuku Dam) under section 168A of the Resource Management Act 1991 

Technical Reports

Council contracted the services of CH2M/Beca to investigate and assess water solution options for the Kāpiti District.  Beca reports are available for review below.

Ranked Options Reports - 6 August 2010

Ranked Options - Summary Report (PDF, 44 pages, 5Mb)
Ranked Options - Technical Report (PDF, 231 pages, 4Mb)

Appendix A: Waikanae Treatment Plant Upgrade Technical Memorandum (PDF, 22 pages, 483Kb)

Appendix B: Option Drawings (PDF, 5 pages, 1Mb)
Appendix B: River Recharge with Groundwater (PDF, 3 pages, 771Kb)
Appendix B: Storage Pond - Site 4 (PDF, 2 pages, 4Mb)
Appendix B: Borefield and Storage - option 1 (PDF, 5 pages, 2Mb)
Appendix B: Borefield and Storage - option 2 (PDf, 4 pages, 2Mb)
Appendix B: Borefield and Treatment (PDF, 2 pages, 638Kb)
Appendix B: Kapakapanui Dam (PDF, 6 pages, 7Mb)
Appendix B: Ngatiawa Dam (PDF, 4 pages, 5Mb)
Appendix B: Lower Maungatukutuku Dam (PDF, 6 pages, 6Mb)

Appendix C: NIWA Report (PDF, 56 pages, 1Mb)

Appendix D: Wildland Consultants' Report (PDF, 20 pages, 2Mb)

Appendix E: Aquifer Testing and Groundwater Modelling Report (PDF, 20 pages, 702Kb)

Appendix F: Preliminary Planning Assessment (PDF, 55 pages, 1Mb)

Appendix G: Economic Analysis (PDF, 6 pages, 428Kb)

Appendix H: Lower Maungatukutuku Geotech Feasibiltiy Interpretative Report (PDF, 90 pages, 18Mb)
Appendix H: Lower Maungatukutuku Dam Geotechnical Report (PDF, 23 pages, 6Mb)

Options Shortlisting Report - 17 June 2010

Executive Summary Report - Ranked Options (Option Shortlisting) Report (PDF, 36 pages, 1Mb)

Options Selection Report - 4 March 2010

Kāpiti Coast Options Selection Report (PDF, 144 pages, 4Mb)

Information Review - 9 December 2009

Water Supply Capacity Review and Options for Supplementary Supply - Preliminary Status Report (PDF, 75 pages, 9Mb)

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Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Reports

The establishment of TAG group is to ensure a thorough assessment of options is undertaken.  Reports prepared by the local volunteer group are available below.

Technical Advisory Group Report (PDF, 10 pages, 44Kb)
Technical Advisory Group - Interim Report (PDF, 10 pages, 107Kb) 

Supporting Documents