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How the project works


Groups of five or more households within a neighbourhood (i.e. easy walking distance from each other) commit to the eight month project, starting in late July. At its most basic level, this will entail taking part in a number of activities which are planned for all Greener Neighbourhoods.  These include a project launch, ecological footprinting, a civil defence challenge supported by the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, a waste audit, a nutrient recycling workshop, a water conservation workshop and a home eco-audit workshop.

Beyond these however there is plenty of scope for groups to pursue their own interests and projects, assisted by Council staff as necessary. Over the course of the project your neighbourhood will have access to assistance with gardening, water conservation, energy conservation, travel planning, biodiversity, surface water management, waste and recycling. As groups of five or more households, Greener Neighbourhoods are able to apply to the Waste Reduction Grants for Community Projects and book free group consultations with the Green Gardener. Other Council grant pools, such as the Community Fund and funding assistance for rain/greywater systems may also be available for group and/or household projects.

To get your Greener Neighbourhood ready to kick-off by late July, there’s a few steps to take before then:

1. Get in touch with Council. The Sustainable Communities Coordinator can answer your questions and let you know if anyone nearby has expressed interest.

2. Invite your neighbours - you don’t all have to be on the same street but you do need to be close enough to encourage that neighbourhood feel (i.e. live within easy walking distance). Door-knocking with a written invitation to get together and discuss Greener Neighbourhood seems to be the most effective method.

3. Host a gathering. Meeting to discuss doing positive things in their neighbourhood with people they’re getting to know and like gets people enthusiastic. The Sustainable Communities Coordinator can join you to answer questions.

4. If you find at least five keen households in your area, you’re on your way to a greener, friendlier, more resilient neighbourhood. Fill out a registration form now!

Greener Neighbourhoods registration form (MS Word, 453 Kb)

Greener Neighbourhoods FAQ (MS Word, 796 Kb)