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Kāpiti Speed Limits Review


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Thank you to everyone who took part on our consultation on Stage 1 of the districtwide review of Kāpiti roads.

Submissions are now closed and a recommendations report will be prepared for Council.

We expect the final changes to the speed limits on the roads we have reviewed so far will be put in place from July this year.

Roads that were reviewed

The recent consulation for Stage 1 proposed speed limits, covered the areas listed in the table below.
Click here to view our overview map of the Kāpiti area.

. Overview map of Kapiti area

The roads that have been reviewed under Stage 1, are located in the table below, and drop-down menus.  The consultation for suggessted speed limit changes on these roads closed Monday 14th May 2018.

If you click on a road name in the table below you'll see a map of the road, suggested speed limit and road characteristic.

NZTA Speed limit website

About the Speed Limits Review (Stage 1)

Kāpiti Coast District Council, working in partnership with New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) is committed to providing safe roading networks across the Kāpiti Coast District, using NZTA’s new Speed Management Guide, NZTA Speed Limit Rules, in line with NZ Road Safety Strategy Safer Journeys. This commitment is also reflected in Council’s road safety targets in its Long Term Plan, and Annual Plan.

A project has begun to review the speed limits on roads across Kāpiti and on some of the roads we share with other regional Councils (i.e Horowhenua, Upper Hutt, Porirua). This project aims to review the speed limits on a selection of Kāpiti roads to make sure they are safe and appropriate, including roads that are identified as:

  • particularly dangerous
  • roads that may have been affected by the new Expressway, and
  • roads that the public have requested the speed to be reviewed.

Following NZTA, Community Board and Council consultation, a list of roads to be reviewed in the 2018/2019 year have been agreed.

Project Objectives – Provide safety, enable lower road toll

By lowering or increasing certain speed limits in the district, Council and NZTA seek to resolve a number of the current safety issues that have been identified on some local roads, and help to contribute to a lower road toll through:

  1. Establishing safer and more efficient roads appropriate to the environment and function of the road, that are credible to road users, minimise harm and are nationally consistent with other New Zealand roads;
    • This can be achieved by setting speed limits which reflects a road’s risk, the speed at which it should be driven on, and the road(s) hierarchy (ie if it’s a narrow local road, or a rural highway, etc).
    • These roads have been prioritised according to the level of safety concerns they present and whether there has been significant change to the road and/or its environment since the last speed limits were set.
  2. Encouraging better road use and/or driver safety practices;
    • By increasing or reducing the speed at which vehicles can travel on a road, and providing signage that reflects this, greater visibility of any hazards is created, as the risks are more obvious to the driver which again can increase the safety aspects.


The Speed Limits review is to be staged in two parts (see tables below) and run over the next three years;

  1. stage one 2017-2018 (beginning Feb 2018)
  2. stage two 2019-2020 (beginning Feb 2019)

2018 Stage 1 Review


Community advised of proposals with an early engagement initial survey that closed on Friday 19th March 2018.


Formal consultation period begins with submissions process open from Monday 16th April until Monday 14th May 2018.


Report and recommendations prepared.

June, July

Report submitted to Council and final decisions made on proposals. 
Community advised.


Implementation of the confirmed speed limit changes could be made as early as August 2018.

Stage 1 review (2017-2018)

Stage 1 Speed Limits Table

Stage 1 review - What next?

Following on from the formal consultation process, a report will be prepared for Council to make the decision on which proposed speed limits should be applied to the roads listed here. This report will then require endorsement by NZTA, and a process for formal Speed Limit Amendment will follow.

Stage 2 review (2019-2020)

Stage 2 roads to be reviewed using a similar process to Stage 1.

Roads identified to be reviewed next year in the second stage are speed changes that would need more time for consideration and assessment. That is because they are proposals that need to be looked at in light of the whole District or changes that may be influenced by the next stage of the Expressway works.

Community Board Area

Road Name

Current Speed Limit


Paekākāriki ‘town centre’ area (Beach Road area)



Raumati ‘town centre’ area   (Raumati Rd – Margaret Rd – Rosetta Rd)


Killalea Place


Greendale Drive, King Arthur Drive, Merlin Court, Sea Poppy & Grand Poppa Way


Kebbell Drive, Aston Road


Peka Peka Road (including Kensington Drive, Raukawa Rd)


Paetawa Road


Te Hapua Road, Pukenamu Road, Derham Road, Morrison Road


Te Horo Beach settlement


Te Horo Beach Road (80Km/hr section) and Sims Road


Mangaone North Road


Ōtaki Gorge Road, Old Hautere Road, Hautere Cross RoadOtaki Gorge Rd 100 km/h except:  387 Otaki Gorge Rd (230m west of Hautere Cross Rd) Hautere Cross Road (245m south of Otaki Gorge Rd), 617 Gorge Rd, 2km east of

100 with exceptions

Area-wide Te Horo, including adjoining roads (Mickell Rd, Catley Rd)

100 with exceptions

Marine Parade,  Waerenga Road


Tasman Road 80 km/h section


Rural roads to the north west of Ōtaki including Taylors Road and Convent Road


School speed zones to be reviewed as part of a Council policy decision.


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