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Kāpiti Speed Limits Review

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Kāpiti District Speed Limit Review Stage 1

Stage 1 Review is now complete

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation on Stage 1 (2017-18) of the districtwide review of Kāpiti local roads. Council has now confirmed the recommendations report and new speed limits will be introduced on the reviewed roads in mid-August 2018.

Read the media release on the Council's decisions here.

The new speed limits to be introduced in mid-August are in the table below (click on image link to expand it).

The Kāpiti District Speed Limit Reviews are being staged in two parts and will run over three years;

  1. stage one 2017-2018 - see Table 1 (beginning Feb 2018 and now complete)
  2. stage two 2019-2020  - see Table 2 (beginning Feb 2019)

Table 1: Stage 1 - Roads with Speed Limit changes approved

The table below outlines the roads that have been reviewed by Council on 29th June 2018, and for which new speed limits will be implemented from mid-August 2018. (Click on the table image below to expand it.) 

Stage 1 review (2017-2018)

Stage 1 Speed Limits Table

Roads that were reviewed

Stage 1 roads reviewed covered the areas as shown in the overview map below. (Click on the map below to expand it.) 

Kapiti SL overview map

70 crossed out

The roads under review were assessed and new limits proposed on the basis of safety risk, the road environment including land development, speed limits on adjoining roads and any changes on those roads since original speed limits were set. Council also took into account new national rules and guidelines for speed limits. The rule no longer allows for 70k or 90k speed limits to be set except in special circumstances. The Rule allows for 10,20,30,40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 km/hr speed limits. The intention of this is that the 20km/h difference between rural speed limits will make things simpler for users of those types of road.

Stage 1 review maps

These maps show the roads that were reviewed in May, June 2018.


Kāpiti District Speed Limit Review Stage 2 review (2019-2020)

Stage 2 roads will be reviewed using a similar process to Stage 1.

Roads identified to be reviewed next year in the second stage are speed changes that would need more time for consideration and assessment. That is because they are proposals that need to be looked at in light of the whole District or changes that may be influenced by the next stage of the Expressway works.

Table 2: Stage 2 - Roads to be reviewed

Community Board Area

Road Name

Current Speed Limit


Paekākāriki ‘town centre’ area (Beach Road area)



Raumati ‘town centre’ area   (Raumati Rd – Margaret Rd – Rosetta Rd)


Killalea Place


Greendale Drive, King Arthur Drive, Merlin Court, Sea Poppy and Grand Poppa Way


Kebbell Drive, Aston Road


Peka Peka Road (including Kensington Drive, Raukawa Rd)


Paetawa Road


Te Hapua Road, Pukenamu Road, Derham Road, Morrison Road


Te Horo Beach settlement


Te Horo Beach Road (80Km/hr section) and Sims Road


Mangaone North Road


Ōtaki Gorge Road, Old Hautere Road, Hautere Cross RoadOtaki Gorge Rd 100 km/h except:  387 Otaki Gorge Rd (230m west of Hautere Cross Rd) Hautere Cross Road (245m south of Otaki Gorge Rd), 617 Gorge Rd, 2km east of

100 with exceptions

Area-wide Te Horo, including adjoining roads (Mickell Rd, Catley Rd)

100 with exceptions

Marine Parade,  Waerenga Road


Tasman Road 80 km/h section


Rural roads to the north west of Ōtaki including Taylors Road and Convent Road


Atkins Road

  • General reviews of the roads that have had lower speed limits imposed in our Stage 1 review will be carried out regularly, including Poplar Avenue.
  • School speed zones are to be reviewed as part of a Council policy decision.


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