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Speed limit review FAQs

Does this review include the roads on the old SH1 from Poplar Avenue to Peka Peka?

Our review of local roads is separate from NZ Transport Agency’s speed limit review of old SH1 roads between Raumati and Peka Peka (part of their SH1 revocation work). For more information on the SH1 revocation and speed limit review, visit the Transport Agency’s website.


Why's there no change proposed for Peka Peka Road (which is currently 80 km/h)? There are parts of this road that aren't safe at that speed and it should be lower.

The roads have been prioritised according to the level of safety concerns they present, whether they connect outside of Kāpiti, and whether there has been significant change to the road and/or its environment since the last speed limits were set. The speed limit review used an area-by-area approach to ensure speed limits are consistent across an area. As a result, 38 roads were identified for review, including Peka Peka Road. We then applied the Transport Agency's guidelines to determine the appropriate speed limit for each of these roads, and identified 36 roads where a speed limit change was needed. This didn't include Peka Peka Road or Emerald Glen Road.

The existing 80 km/h speed limit was considered the appropriate speed limit given the strategic nature of the road and alignment. However, we're aware of concerns about safety through the eastern section of Peka Peka Road from the Expressway interchange to Kensington Drive. There's currently a proposal to upgrade this intersection to a full interchange, which would require some changes to the interchange and adjoining Peka Peka Road. If this project proceeds, the speed limit on Peka Peka Road and the interchange could be reviewed. 

Why's Emerald Glen Road not changing?

With regard to Emerald Glen Road, the existing 60km/h speed limit was considered the appropriate speed limit, given the rural lifestyle development, road alignment.

Why were so many of the proposed changes as low as 60km/h? and not 70km/h?

The Setting of Speed Limits Rule (The Rule) has changed, and a 70km/h speed limit is no longer an option.

Some of the speed limits are dropping from 100 km/h to 60 km/h - this seems like a big drop?

While this sounds a lot, our data shows the proposed speed limits generally reflect the average speed traffic travel over the length of road in question. Indeed on some on some roads the travel speeds are a lot lower than the proposed speed limit.


We're still working on confirming the exact list of roads that will be considered in stage 2 of the review in late 2018. For more information, check out our information about stage 2.