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Kāpiti District-Wide Speed Limit Review Stage 2 (2019)

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We're now consulting on speed limit changes for 62 local roads, including 47 rural roads, as part of the second stage of the Council’s district-wide Speed Limit Review. The review aims to make sure the speed limits on our local roads are safe, appropriate and consistent across the District.

Information about each of the road, including maps, explanations and the changes we’re proposing, is included in the drop down table below.

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Valley Road 80km

The Kāpiti Coast District Council, working in partnership with NZ Transport Authority is committed to providing safe roading networks across the Kāpiti Coast District, using the Transport Agency's Speed Management Guide, Speed Limit Rules, and NZ Road Safety Strategy Safer Journeys. This commitment is also reflected in Council’s road safety targets in its Long Term Plan, and Annual Plan.

In late 2017 we started a district-wide review (mainly of local rural road speed limits) to make sure our roads are safe, appropriate and efficient. The review, which was triggered by the community, applies new national road safety guidelines issued by NZ Transport Agency to determine the safe and appropriate speed limit for each of these roads.

The first stage of the review was completed in 2018, resulting in speed limit changes to 36 roads, including 33 rural roads. We've since identified a further 62 roads (including the remaining 47 rural roads) for speed limit changes, and now we want to hear what you think. 

How to have your say

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In order to progress the Speed Limits Review, residents of properties on roads directly affected, members of the public, community groups, transport groups, will all be given the opportunity to provide feedback.
Letters will also be sent directly to affected residents and key stakeholders (such as community groups, transport groups) so their opinions on suggested speed limits on their roads are received.

Privacy Act 1993

Please note that the results of this survey will be public information.  Information on this form including your name and any comments will be accessible to the media and public as part of the decision-making process. However, your input will only be used for the purpose of the Kāpiti District-Wide Speed Limit Review Stage 2 process. The information will be held by the Kāpiti Coast District Council, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. You have the right to access your information and request it's correction.


Survey timeline graphic

Questions and answers

View our questions and answers for this stage of our Speed Limit Review.

Roads to be reviewed

We’re seeking to understand the community’s views on Stage 2 of the Kāpiti district-wide speed limits listed in the Review Table below.

Click on the image to expand the table to a larger size.

2019 Speed Limit Review Table

Individual maps of roads being reviewed

If you click on a road name below you will see a map of that road and it’s proposed speed limit.
These individual road maps are also repeated as part of the online survey, but are viewable below in a larger format.





The map below shows the overall Kāpiti district, and the roads under review.  The map numbers relate to that area.

Click on the image to expand the table to a larger size.

2019 Speed Limit Review Overview Map

Project objectives – improved safety, lower road toll

By lowering certain speed limits in the district, Council seeks to resolve a number of the current safety issues that have been identified on some local roads, and help to contribute to a lower road toll through:

  1. Establishing safer and more efficient speed limits that are appropriate to the environment and function of the road, that are credible to road users, minimise harm and are nationally consistent with other New Zealand roads;
  2. Encouraging better road user and/or driver safety practices; By increasing or reducing the speed at which vehicles can travel on a road, and providing signage that reflects this, greater visibility of any hazards is created, as the risks are more obvious to the driver which again can increase the safety aspects.

Having your say if you don’t have computer access

You can complete our online survey here, (and download and print it). Or you can visit your local library to access the review and complete it online (our friendly library staff will be happy to assist).  If you prefer – pick up a printed copy from the Council service desk and district’s libraries. 

Please mail your printed version to Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254, attention: Speed Limit Review 2019.

What next?

Following the consultation process, our staff will prepare a report for Council, to help inform their decision making on adopting the proposed speed limits.

Please note that the proposed speed limits will need to be endorsed by the Transport Agency, that they meet the legislation (Setting of Speed Limits Rule), and NZTA’s view will be included in the report.


For any queries or concerns please email us.