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Speed limit review stage 2

We're currently working on stage 2 of the districtwide Speed Limit Review. The aim of the review is to make sure the speed limits on our local roads are safe, appropriate and consistent across the District.

We've identified 81 local roads for this stage of the review, to see whether they merit a speed limit change - these are listed in the table below. The roads will be reviewed using a similar process to the Stage 1 speed limit review.

Consultation for stage 2 of the it review will begin in February 2019.

Table 2: Stage 2 - Possible list of roads to be reviewed

Community Board area

Road name

Current speed limit


Paekākāriki ‘town centre’ area (Beach Road area, and includes The Parade)


Paraparaumu- Raumati

Raumati South village (Poplar Avenue to Renown road, Glen Road, Tennis Court Road)


Raumati Beach village (Raumati Road to Margaret Road including Victor Road, Rosetta Road, Alexander Road, Matatua Road)


Killalea Place, Greendale Drive, King Arthur Drive, Lancelot Grove, Merlin Court, Sea Poppy Way and Grand Poppa Way


Kebbell Drive, Aston Road


Huia Street (70 km/h section)


Greenhill Road

Peka Peka

Peka Peka Road - Kensington Drive to SH1, and Raukawa Road, Kensington Drive


Pingao Lane and Pariku Lane


Paetawa Road, Rutherford Road (section between Marram Way and Reeves Street)

Te Hapua Road

Te Hapua Road, Derham Road, Morrison Road, Waitaheke Road


Paul Faith lane, Pukenamu Road, Waitaheke Road, Puruaha Road, Muharenga Lane

 Te Horo Beach

Te Horo Beach settlement (Te Horo Road, Sea Road, Gawler Street, Dixie Street, Rodney Avenue, Kitchener Street, Nicholas Street, Granville Street, Sylvia Way, Brendan Drive


Te Horo Beach Road (80Km/h section) Sandown Road, Harakeke Road, Sims Road

80, 100
 Te Waka Road

Addington Road, Lethbridge Road, Swamp Road, Te Waka Road

70, 80, 100
 Te Horo East

School Road, Arcus Road, Blackburne Road, Mickell Road, Catley Road, Mangaone North Road

50, 100

Old Hautere Road, Hautere Cross Road

80, 100

Ōtaki Gorge Road (100 km/h and 80 km/h sections), Harper Road, Totaranui Road, Kaitawa Road, Parenga Road, Waihoanga Road

80, 100

Convent Road, Wairongamai Road, Old Coach Road (off Convent Road)


Taylors Road, Forest Lakes Road, Atkins Road

  • General reviews of the roads that have had lower speed limits imposed in our Stage 1 review will be carried out regularly, including Poplar Avenue.
  • The focus of this (stage 2) review is to complete the review of rural roads and three village areas. It does not include existing state highways or old state highways that are in a process of being 'revoked'.  The speed limits on these roads is managed separately by NZTA.
  • There are some roads where physical works need to be carried out to lower the speed environment before any speed limit changes can be made. These roads include Marine Parade Ōtaki, Waerenga Road Ōtaki, and the 80 km/h section of Tasman Road Ōtaki.
  • A speed limit review was requested to see if some or all schools would be eligible for a 40 km/h speed limit before and after the school.  However, this review is on hold pending New Zealand Transport Authority's (NZTA) guidance.


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