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Local Elections Timetable

The next local authority election will be held on Saturday 12 October 2013.

Saturday 2 March - Saturday 6 July 2013

Preparation of ratepayer roll (reg  10 LER)

Early July 2013

Electoral Enrolment Centre enrolment update advertising campaign commences

No later than Friday
19 July 2013*

Public Notice of Election, calling for Nominations

Preliminary Electoral Roll opens for inspection (sec 42, 52, 53 LEA)

19 July 2013

Nominations open

Roll open for inspection

16 August 2013*

Nominations close (12 noon)

Roll closes (5pm)

21 August 2013*

Public Notice of Candidate's names, election date and other information

20 September 2013 Enrolment Services contact Unpublished roll electors
20 September to 25 September 2013
Delivery of Voting Documents
22 September to 12 October (Noon) 2013

Voting Period

Special Voting Period

Progressive Roll Scrutiny

Early Processing of Voting Papers

By noon 11 October 2013 Appointment of Scrutineers
12 October 2013

Election Day

Voting Closes 12 Noon

Processing continues

Preliminary Results announced

12 - 16 October 2013
Qualification of special votes and official count
17 October to 23 October 2013

Declaration of Results

Public Notice of Results

By mid December 2013 Return of Election Expenses and Donations (55 days after the day on which the successful candidates are declared elected. Actual date will be advised to candidates)








































*These dates may change depending on legislation before Parliament (April 2013)