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Governance Statement

The Local Governance Statement is a collection of information about the processes through which the Council engages with its community, how the Council makes decisions, and how citizens can influence those processes.

A local governance statement helps support the purpose of local government by promoting local democracy. The statement does this by providing the public with information on the ways to influence local democratic processes.

The Kāpiti Coast District Council produced its First Governance Statement in December, 2003 and last updated in January 2017.

What information does the Governance Statement contain?

The Governance Statement includes the following broad categories of information or identifies for citizens where this information can be found:

  • governance structures and processes
  • functions, responsibilities and activities of the Kāpiti Coast District Council
  • electoral arrangements
  • the way Elected Members make decisions and relate to each other and to the management of the Kāpiti Coast District Council
  • key policies of the Kāpiti Coast District Council.