A - Z council services and facilities

You can locate some of our facilities and services here.


Earthworks and Archaeological Sites

A brochure on earthworks and archaeological sites, to encourage contractors, landscapers, developers and landowners to take precautions before digging.

Emergency preparedness

It's easy to get prepared for an emergency!

Emergency status

There is no emergency at this time. It's always a good time to think about how prepared you are for an emergency.  Find out more at Bookmark this page in your browser so you can get the latest emergency information for th...

Environmental restoration

Image: Graham Booth's wetland. Courtesy of Andrew Booth/Forest & Bird. The Council works to protect and restore biodiversity through its own projects on public land, supporting private landowners, and assisting community environmental groups. We work...

Enviroschools support

Enviroschools is a long term, holistic programme for schools and pre-schools dedicated to sustainability of the environment and communities.  Empowering young people is central to the Enviroschools action-learning cycle approach. Learning about and...


Temporary events like fairs and festivals help make our District a vibrant place to live or visit.