In general, ashes can be collected 24 hours after the cremation. Special arrangements can be made with the funeral director for earlier collection. 

The Crematorium can deliver remains to a place specified by the family or executors.

If the family's wishes are unknown, the funeral director is responsible for collecting or dispatching the ashes. Otherwise, ashes are sent to the funeral director at the funeral director's expense.

Scattering and interment of ashes

Ashes may only be interred in designated cemetery plots or scattered in approved locations - please contact Council for further information. 

Interment of ashes

You may inter up to four ashes in a monumental ashes plot or two in an ashes beam or ashes garden plot.

Ashes may also be interred into an existing family burial plot, such as when a family member is cremated subsequent to an earlier family burial and it is wished that they are interred together in the same location.

For attended ash interments, cemetery staff prepare the grave and reinstate the grave after the interment service.

Unattended ash interments are performed by cemetery staff on request.

Make a Booking

Contact our Cemetery Sexton as soon as possible to check available dates and times, and make a provisional booking.

You also need to complete forms for any other services that you need, like purchasing a plot

Additional charges apply for Saturday and late interments. To view districtwide cemetery charges, go here

Ashes services are held:

  • Monday to Friday, between 9.00am and 3.00pm
  • Saturday, between 9.00am and 1.00pm

Special arrangements can be made outside these hours and for weekends and public holidays, but additional costs apply. 

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