Burials are available at Ōtaki, Waikanae and Awa Tapu Cemeteries.  At Paraparaumu Beach Cemetery only second interments in existing family plots are available.

Natural Burials

Natural burial is available at Ōtaki cemetery.

In a natural burial the body is not embalmed. A biodegradable casket is used to help natural decomposition. A native tree is planted at the head or base of each plot.

Listed below is the approved plants for natural burials:

  • Lemonwood Pittosporum eugenoides
  • Ngaio Myoporum laetum
  • Mahoe Melycitis simplex
  • Five Finger Pseudopanaz arboreus
  • Kanuka Kunzea ericoides
  • Red Matipo Myrsine australis
  • Karamu Coprosma robusta

This plant list will be subject to change from time to time.  The plants listed above are initial sub-canopy planting.

Natural burial plots cannot be reserved.  More information is available in our Natural Burial Policy.

Complete the natural burial form
Complete the natural burial conditions and agreement form and return to:

Kāpiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60601, Paraparaumu 5254, Attention: Cemetery Sexton 

All documentation needs to be at Council at least 24 hours before the service.

Make a Booking

Contact our Cemetery Sexton as soon as possible to check available dates and times, and make a provisional booking.

You also need to complete forms for any other services that you need, like purchasing a plot.

Additional charges apply for Saturday and late interments. Burial plots may be single depth or double depth; the interment fees are the same.  To view districtwide cemetery charges, go here

Burial services are held:

  • Monday to Friday, between 9.00am and 3.00pm
  • Saturday, between 9.00am and 1.00pm

Special arrangements may be made outside these hours and for weekends and public holidays, but additional costs apply.

On the Day

Pre-burial Preparation
Only cemetery staff are permitted to dig graves and reinstate them after burials. You may help to reinstate if you make a prior arrangement with the Sexton or Funeral Director. 

Resources & Services Provided
Resources available for burials include:

  • grave mats
  • lowering device
  • boards, bearers and ropes
  • soil urn with trowel

Support Staff
Cemetery staff will not attend the service unless requested but will be available on site to:

  • greet and brief the funeral director
  • assist with loading and lowering the casket, if required
  • assist with any technical issues, and
  • oversee safety.

After the Service

A temporary grave marker with the deceased's name is supplied by the funeral director and placed on the grave by cemetery staff.

Memorial Plaques and Headstones

A memorial placement can be authorised by the owner of the Exclusive Right of Interment or, if the owner is deceased, the immediate next of kin.

Memorial plaques and headstones must meet the specifications contained within the Cemeteries Bylaw 2010.  This is to preserve a consistent visual standard throughout the cemeteries and ensure durability and safety of memorials.

Maintenance and repair
All headstone work must be carried out by a monumental mason or approved person.  

Maintenance of memorials is the responsibility of the family (or whoever is responsible for the deceased).

Council does not fix, maintain or restore memorials and will only interact with headstones to the extent necessary to make them safe if damaged or unsafe.

Additional Inscriptions
If you wish to add an inscription, please contact a monumental mason who will make the necessary arrangements with Council on your behalf. 

Grave Decorations

You can decorate the cemetery headstone, but not the grass area in front of or behind the plot as we need to maintain and mow these areas.

Objects which are broken, decayed, unsafe, excessive or neglected may be removed, and the Sexton may remove any materials placed on or around the burial area.

Any alcohol containers, weapons or offensive material will be removed immediately.

Any objects removed will be held for one month awaiting instructions from the next of kin, after this period they will be disposed of.

No tree, shrub or plant shall be planted in any part of the cemetery without the written consent of the Sexton being obtained first. All unauthorised plantings will be removed immediately.

Grave Maintenance

Cemetery staff maintain the cemetery grounds and gardens. Memorial, plaque and headstone maintenance is the responsibility of the deceased's family or trustee.

Subsequent Interments

This is where interment takes place in an existing grave to allow for the burial of other family members within the same plot.


Disinterment is when remains or ashes are removed from a grave. Remains are either transferred to another plot or removed from the cemetery entirely.

For all enquiries about disinterment, contact the Sexton.

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