If your animal is uncontrolled in a public place, is found to be unregistered, or is creating noise that’s causing distress it could be impounded. We do our best to contact an animal's owner to make arrangements for any outstanding fees to be paid and for the impounded animal to be collected. Our target is to do this within a day, and during normal business hours we're often able to do it much quicker than that.

During weekends and public holidays we offer a reduced service with set times when animals can be collected. If your animal has been impounded we'll try to get in touch with you ahead of our 9.00-10.00am and 4.00-5.00pm collection periods.

If the animal has no identification, our Animal Management team will impound it for seven days after which it becomes the property of Council.

Impoundment charges

These fees are also set so they're in line with the local government cost index. Impounding has occurred when an animal is confined to an Animal Management Officer’s vehicle or impounded.

Seizure has occurred when a notice of seizure has been served on the animal owner or placed at the animal owner's property.

No dogs or stock will be released without payment of all outstanding impoundment fees.