Engineering Fees

Please note that engineering fees for subdivisions and most land use applications have been incorporated into the resource consent deposits. Therefore the only separate engineering fees applicable are listed below. Please see the Resource Management Fees page for resource consent deposits.

Notified land use consents

Note, these fees apply in addition to the resource consent deposit fees.  All consents will be subject to compliance monitoring which will be charged on an actual time basis of $153 per hour.

Non-notified land use consents

Commercial/ industrial development or   infrastructure development





Application deposit

$918 per application (includes the first 6 hours, $153 per hour thereafter

Compliance monitoring administration fee


(includes the first 2 hours, $153 per hour thereafter)

Engineering drawing approval


(includes 3 submissions of engineering drawings, beyond this will be charged at $153 per hour thereafter)

Engineering construction supervision

Determined as 2% of the total estimated value of services (water, sanitary, drainage and road), including engineering and contingency fees

(minimum of $10,050)

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All compliance monitoring is to be charged at an hourly basis for staff time.

$153 per hour


Subdivision engineering drawing approval and engineering construction supervision

$612 plus $306 per lot deposit

($153 per hour thereafter)


Objection to decision


$153  per hour

Variation to consent conditions


$153 per hour

Plan change applications


$153 per hour

Easement – 

Application fee per application

$306 deposit
  (includes the first 2 hours, $153 per hour thereafter)

Specialist consultants

At cost

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Updated 30 June 2017