Environmental Health and Food Premises Fees

Food Act 2014 fees

Registration and verification fees provide for a set time provision. Any additional time may be subject to the hourly rate of $153

Registration fees

New Food Control Plans (FCP) or National Programme (NP)


Renewal of FCP and NP


New registration multisite business (FCP or NP)

$300, plus $150 for each additional site

Renewel of registration multi site business

$150, plus $50 for each additional site

New FCP or NP (market operator less than 52 time per year )-


Registered KCDC food business transitioning to a FCP or NP


Amendment to registration

$153 per hour

Significant amendment to registration


Verification fees

These fees include preparation, travel (within the district) reporting and administration time, if the activity exceeds the maximum hours set there will be an extra charge of $153 per hour.

Food Control Plan (FCP)


FCP (low risk cakes and biscuits only that do not require refridgeration)

$153 per hour

National Programme 1 (NP1) 

$153 per hour

National Programme 2 (NP2) 

153 per hour

National Programme 3 (NP3)

$153 per hour

Deemed (FCP)


Verification multisite business

See FCP or NP charges for first site plus $153 per hour for any other site requiring verification

Unscheduled verification

$153 per hour

Verification outside the district - FCP or NP

See cost for verification and add any extra time, actual travel and accommodation costs.

Note for verification fees

Council is not currently verifying National Programme businesses, so this fee is a placeholder. National programme businesses will be ascertained by third party verifiers, who will set their own charges.

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Other associated fees under Food Act 2014

Corrective Action Request (CAR) follow up

$153 per hour

Investigation resulting in improvement notice or direction

$153 per hour

Follow-up in relation to compliance with an improvement notice or direction

$153 per hour

Processing an application for review of Improvement Notice

$153 per hour

Monitoring of food safety and suitability

$153 per hour

Cancelling or rescheduling a verification (less than 48 hours’ notice)


Failure to attend or facilitate a scheduled verification

$153 per hour

Investigation and enforcement activity related to registration or complaint

$153 per hour

Mentoring and advice or pre-verfications related to implementing a FCP or NP

$153 per hour

Service for which a fee may not have been set under the Food Act 2014

$153 per hour

Replacement FCP or NP guidance


Replacement Licence


Events - food stall approvals

$153 per hour

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Environmental health fees

Food businesses operating under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 and grading system prior to 30 November 2018


Note: when a food business operating under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 changes ownership, the business must now operate under the Food Act 2014 (refer previous fees).

Fee structure related to Food Hygiene regulations 1974 and grading system

There are a small number of food businesses, such as coffee carts, dairies and service stations, as at 1 July 2018 have not yet transitioned to the Food Act 2014. These businesses must register a Food Control Plan (FCP) or National Programme (NP) under the new Act by 30 November 2018.

Given the shortened registration period (five months) and because they will likely only get one inspection in that time, a reduced and flat-rate fee will cover both A and B risk factor premises.


Number of Inspections  Grade  Risk Factor
    A  B
1 Any $239 $357

 Other food activities

Other food activity under the grading system
Additional inspection fee $153 per hour

Premises required to be registered under the Health Act 1956 and associated Regulations – current fees

Other Health Act

Hairdressers (home occupation)


Hairdressers (commercial premises)


Funeral directors


Camping grounds


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Updated 30 June 2017