General Compliance Fees


Residential Pool Fencing

Residential Pool Fencing - Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016

Compliance inspection and administration fee

$150 per hour

Abandoned vehicles

Towage and recovery cost

Cost plus 20%

Daily storage fee

$5.00 daily charge

General compliance  

Extraordinary activities – bylaw permits

$150 per hour

Litter removal

Cost incurred for removal of litter plus 20%

Noise control – seizure fee (noise making equipment)


plus $33 each additional callout

plus any additional towage fee related to seizure of a vehicle

Noise control - alarm deactivation fee

Cost of service plus 20%

Amusement devices*

1 x  $11.50

2 x  $13.80

3 x  $16.10

4 x  $18.40

Environmental protection officer hourly rate 


Environmental protection administration hourly rate


Return of non-compliant signs


Commercial outdoor dining licence

$150 per annum

Commercial Trading in Public Places Licence

(includes temporary, mobile and fixed shops, stalls and mobile traders commercially operating on Council owned land)

$150 per hour

*Amusement devices:   Fee set by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

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Updated 30 June 2017