Official Information Request Charges

For requests under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) 1987.

Charges(1) are for search and research and for the production and    distribution of the result  

1    Official information requests involving research or collation (in excess of two hours) will be charged per hour (chargeable in 30 minute increments after the first 1 hour)

$38 per half hour or part thereof

2    Black and white copying A4 (the first 20 copies free) then charge per sheet


3     Black and white copying per sheet for A3


4     For any other cost, the amount actually incurred in responding to the request.   For example specialty copying (maps etc), including provision of electronic   media storage devices, will be done at cost. For clarification, specialty   copying includes colour copying at $2.10 charge per A4 sheet and $3.40 charge   per A3 sheet

At cost

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Charges(1) are for search and research and for the production and    distribution of the result


5          Requests   requiring specialist experts, not on salary, to research and process the request

At cost

In instances where a charge is to be applied, the council will notify the requester as soon as possible. The requester will be provided with an estimate of the cost of the request and will be asked to confirm in writing that they agree to pay. The requester will only be charged for the actual cost of providing the information but the charge will not exceed the advised estimated amount. If a deposit is required, the requester will be advised of this when they receive notification of the estimated charge.

  • How official information charges are determined:
  • Staff time supervising requestors review of documentation at counter
  • Postage/courier
  • Collection of files from source
  • Reviewing files for confidential items
  • Hours spent in research and compiling response in excess of one hour
  • Where repeated requests from the same source are made in respect of a common subject over intervals of up to eight weeks, requests after the first should be aggregated for charging purposes
  • A deposit may be required where the charge is likely to exceed $76. In instances where a deposit is requested, work on the request may be suspended pending receipt of the deposit.

The council will provide electronic media storage devices at cost but cannot accept a device provided by the requester as this runs the risk of introducing viruses into the council systems.

Charges may be waived or modified at the discretion of the chief executive or a group manager authorised by the chief executive. Waivers will be considered in situations where payment may cause financial hardship to the requestor, where the charge may become an unreasonable deterrent to seeking information and is therefore working against the LGOIMA principles.

The council, in determining these charges has taken account of the Ministry of Justice guidelines on charging. At a general level, the Office of the Ombudsmen have taken the view that the standard charging regime set out in the government guidelines is reasonable.

The council will not charge for the following:

−                    involvement by chief executive or elected members

−                    any costs of deciding to release information

−                    costs associated with looking for a lost document

−                    costs of liaising with an Ombudsman

−                    legal or other professional advice

−                    liaison with any third party (e.g. informant)

−                    costs associated with transferring a request to a more appropriate organisation

−                    costs of refining application with requester, and

−                    correspondence or phone calls with requester.

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Updated 30 June 2017