Food and Health Licenses

Note: If your enquiry is in relation to establishing a new food business or taking over an existing food business after 1 March 2016 then go to our webpage - Food Act 2014.


This page contains application forms for registering your food business with the Kāpiti Coast District Council, as well as a series of information brochures to help you operate safely, and legally.

One of our Environmental Health Officer's can help you with further information and advice, to contact them please phone (04) 296 4700.

Applying to open a new hairdresser or other registered premises

Prior to opening a new food premise you must complete and submit an application for Health Licence or Registration. 

Complete all sections, attach a floor plan and return together to the council contact centre.

Transferring the registration of a registered hairdressing business

Any person taking ownership of a registered premises must transfer the registration within 14 days of taking over the business.  Please complete the Application for Licence or registration of a hairdresser (link above).

Fees and other Charges

Kāpiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006

The Kāpiti Coast District Council Food Safety Bylaw 2006 was introduced to improve food safety in premises who prepare and sell food in the district by requiring mandatory food handler training, providing a framework for grading premises to recognise those that have achieved standards of excellence.  Please note the bylaw only applies to those food business who are currently registered but have yet to transition to the Food Act 2014 requirements.