Gaming Machines

Find out about the rules for running gaming machines, how to apply for a gambling or gaming licence and Council's policy

Apply for Gambling Consent

Operating gaming machines outside of casinos is categorised under the Gambling Act 2003, as Class 4 gambling because of the high risk.

Gambling Act - NZ legislation website

To operate gaming machines in Kāpiti, a Class 4 Venue consent is required from Kāpiti Coast District Council.

This applies to:

  • new gambling venues
  • existing gambling venues that began operations any time after 17 October 2001
  • existing venues that want to increase the number of gaming machines at that venue
  • existing venues that want to start operating gaming machines which were not on the premise's licence within the previous six months.

Applications in the first instance are to be made in writing and addressed to:

The District Licensing Agency
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254

Written applications are stored on file on a first in, first to be notified basis. Should any existing premises close down and machines become available, the applicant will be notified to submit an official application form with the required application fee.

Applications lodged with council that remain unactioned (due to Class 4 venue or gaming machine capacity restrictions) will be kept until the commencement of the next Gambling Policy Review.  At this time, applicants will be advised to re-lodge their application or allow it to expire.

Apply for a Gaming Licence

Once you have received a gambling consent from Council you must also apply for any gaming licences required by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Casino and Non-Casino Gaming - Department of Internal Affairs website

Council Policy

Council has a Class 4 Gambling Policy to:

  • Minimise harm – To minimise the harm to Kāpiti Coast communities caused by problem gambling
  • Reduce the number of gaming machines - The policy sets a maximum number of machines that can be operated within in the Kāpiti Coast District.
  • Ensure supervision - The policy requires gaming machine venues to have a current on-licence with a designation, a club liquor licence, or a permanent club charter under the Sale of Liquor Act 1989.

View a copy of the Class 4 Gambling Policy on the Council Policies page here. 

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