Creative Communities Scheme

We accept applications twice in each financial year for Creative New Zealand funding, under the Creative Communities Scheme.

Funding round dates

There are two funding rounds in each financial year - August/September and February/March.

Applications for the current funding round close on: Friday 22 February 2019

Funding Decision Meeting date: Thursday 28 March 2019

The funding decisions are made by the Grants Allocation Committee (Creative Communities). Applications must be for projects that start after the date of the Funding Decision Meeting. 

About the scheme

The arts of New Zealand are flourishing in our culturally diverse communities - in rural communities, towns and cities, and in a range of ways and places.  Arts projects may be large and complex, involving many people or smaller-scale projects, or involving just a few individuals. Creative New Zealand is committed to supporting opportunities for New Zealanders to engage in the arts, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

We accept applications twice a year for Creative New Zealand funding. The applications are processed at a local level and grants are approved by the Grants Allocations Committee.

Creative New Zealand set the criteria, and provide the standard application form and guide.

The three main funding criteria are:

  1. Broad community involvement – the project will create opportunities for our local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities.
  2. Diversity – The project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of our local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
  3. Young people – The project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

Creative Communities guide and glossary

The Creative Commmunities Application Guide provides an overview of the scheme, the criteria and eligibility.

The Creative Communities Glossary provides definitions and explanations of some of the terms used in the application and guide.

Creative Communities application form

To apply use the Creative Communities Scheme application form below:

Creative Communities Scheme Application Form (Word)

Creative Communities Scheme Application Form (PDF)

More information

For more information and advice contact the Arts Advisor. It can be very helpful to ask for more information and advice well in advance of the applications closing date. 

For more information about this scheme and other funding opportunities visit Creative New Zealand.

Project Report Form

Successful applicants are required to complete a Project Report Form. Please ensure you complete all sections.