Green gardening online resources

There are many resources online to help you achieve an awesome garden.  We have compiled a few of our favourites for you below.

American Community Gardening Association
This site contains many printable article and tip sheets covering different topics related to community gardening, garden organising, general gardening and horticulture.

A comprehensive online guide that tackle all thing gardening, including information on starting a garden, planning, soil preparation and nourishing, tools in the garden, seeds, transplanting, basic vegetable and fruit gardening and a lot more topics about gardening.

Create Your Own Eden
This website covers three elements:

  • Composting: traditional composting using a heap or bin
  • Vermiculture or wormfarming
  • Bokashi - aka Effective Micro-organisms

Edible Backyard
Kath Irvine (previous Green Gardener) teaches permaculture design and edible gardening to schools and community groups and promotes a series of workshops run from her home garden in Ohau.  Kath blogs on gardening tips, recipes and news - you can subscribe to these on the website.

On this website you will find a handy calendar of what to plant and when.  You can select your NZ climate zone and see what can be planted now - in trays or direct - and when it wil be ready for harvest.  Or you can look up individual plant species to find the growing directions for your climate zone - very handy!

Grow Sheffield: Urban Food Growing Landscapes
An active network of individuals and groups promoting urban organic food growing in the UK.  Beautiful and interesting site with an artistic bent, in particular:

  • Allotment soup is an annual creative and artistic harvest celebration.  The aim of the event is to celebrate food growing and allotment culture.
  • Abundance is a project to harvest the seasonal glut of local fruit.

An American site, similar to NZ's OOOOBY, for "folks who celebrate the "culture" in agriculture and share skills like growing, cooking and food preservation."

Incredible Edible Todmorden
A group of passionate people working together for a world where all share responsibility for the future wellbeing of our planet and themselves.

They aim to provide access to good local food for all, through:

  • working together
  • learning – from field to classroom to kitchen
  • supporting local business

Kings Seeds
An online seed shop with a huge range that includes some organic seed, sprouting seeds, green mulches etc.

Koanga Institute
The institue has been collecting and growing old fruit trees, vegetables and flowers for 25 years to conserve the seed.  They are particulary focused on New Zealand heirlooms.

Love Plant Life
A blog devoted to useful plants (and gentle humour) - "the kinds we love because they sustain our life.  Plants provide all the materials we need to live and do so in the cleanest and greenest of ways".

Apiculture New Zealand
Formerly the Beekeepers Association: a good place to start for advice and finding a local beekeeping group. See also the Wellington Beekeepers Association

New Zealand Gardener
Check out this online resource centre for tips and ideas for your garden, including PDFs of features that you can download and print out.

Out of our own backyard (OOOOBY)
An online community for (mostly) New Zealanders who are interested in growing and eating local food.

Permaculture in New Zealand
Various forums and resources relating to permaculture in NZ and overseas.

You Grow Girl
A great blog focussed on growing organic in less-than-ideal urban spaces - note that it's from Toronto so growing conditions are different.