Sustainable Communities Support

  Sustainable Communities

Got a green scheme? 

Make it happen with the council’s Sustainable Communities Co-ordinator!

This is a practical programme which aims to help communities and local groups get their ideas for environmentally-sustainable living off the ground.

The key focus for the programme is to help the community take action in the areas of:

  • waste reduction
  • energy efficiency (home and transport)
  • water efficiency
  • biodiversity
  • community resilience.

Rather than providing information or more general education, the co-ordinator will work directly with people on their projects, drawing on specialist council staff and contractors such as the Green Plumber, Green Gardener and Eco-Design Advisor, plus outside resources if necessary.

The co-ordinator:

  • can work with people on existing initiatives
  • is able to meet with groups to consider sustainability actions they may be interested in pursuing
  • has flexible hours to fit in with groups and their needs 
  • is closely involved with organising the Kāpiti Coast Greener Neighbourhoods programme.

The job of the co-ordinator is not to front projects or implement other people’s good ideas, but to provide energy, co-ordination and focus (along with help finding resources) to people who are willing to put their hands up and say ‘We’ve got this great idea. Let’s do it!'

Email or ring us on 04 296 4700.