Quakecheck your house

How would your house stand up in an earthquake?

New Zealand Master Builders Federation and Certified Builders Association offer a service that assesses your house to determine if there are parts of it which need earthquake strengthening.

A qualified builder will visit your home to assess the following features which are commonly damaged in an earthquake: 

  • the tiebacks on your hot water cylinder
  • how the header water tank in your ceiling or on your roof is secured
  • the stability and safety of your chimney
  • the stability of the piles underneath your house and whether the floor bearers are correctly fastened to the piles
  • the foundations
  • the connections of the floor joists to bearers
  • the wire fixing tiles to tile battens (if you have a clay or cement tile roof).

The inspection takes between 30 minutes and two hours (depending on the size and layout of your house) at a time agreed with you. The assessor, who will carry an identification card to show they are either a Master Builder or a Certified Builder, will need to access your ceiling space, hot water cylinder and get under your house to access its foundations.

When the assessment has been done, you'll get a written report that identifies whether any work's recommended. The report will also give you an indicative quote for the cost of this work.

Booking an assessment

The service is carried out by the New Zealand Master Builders Federation and Certified Builders Association. Once you've made an online request, someone will contact you to arrange an appointment within seven days. Make an online request for a quakecheck assessment. 

Assessment fee

The cost to quakecheck your home is $160 (including GST).

The fee applies regardless of how long the assessment takes and includes travel time. You can pay in cash or cheque when the assessor calls or by Visa/Mastercard online (note: there is a $3 processing fee for credit card payments).

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