Working in the road

All contractors and service providers* must comply with the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators Access to Transport Corridors when planning any work that requires excavation or trenching anywhere on a legal road (i.e. boundary fence to boundary fence including berms and footpaths).

* contractors & service providers include drainlayers, plumbers, electricians, telecommunications contractors, builders and developers etc.

Corridor access requests and traffic management

Before undertaking work in the legal road you must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) and receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) from us. Some examples of activities requiring a permit are: trenching works footpaths and entranceways work within the berm...

Vehicle Crossings/Driveways

It is the responsibility of every owner to provide vehicle access from the road carriageway to the property boundary for the purposes of off street parking or unloading. Generally only one vehicle access per property is permitted. A refundable deposit ...