Corridor access requests and traffic management

Before undertaking work in the legal road you must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) and receive a Works Access Permit (WAP) from us.

Some examples of activities requiring a permit are:

  • trenching works
  • footpaths and entranceways
  • work within the berm or shoulder of the road, and
  • tree work scaffolding and crane work.

Ensure that before any excavations are undertaken a "Before U Dig" inquiry is made to check for locations of any underground services. This is a web based service that you or your contractor use to get plans and information emailed out to you. This also provides the mechanism for you to make a Corridor Access Request and provide us with a Traffic Management Plan to protect your site, contractors, and the public during operations.

Please note: The "Before U Dig" service has no information on council's buried water, wastewater or stormwater assets. Our mapping tools shows the location of the buried council assets. 

There are other events or activities in the road that don't require a CAR and WAP but still require a Traffic Management Plan (TMP), this includes:

  • street parades
  • cycle races
  • running or walking events, and
  • any other event which will seriously impact on the road network

TMPs can only be completed by a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) with a current NZTA approved qualification. TMPs must be submitted a minimum of five working days prior to the start of works.

Criteria for the use of the 'full' or 'short' form TMP are as follows:

Short Form
Should only be used for simple activities where work is not in a live traffic lane e.g.

  • vehicle crossing construction
  • footpath construction
  • work on the shoulder or grass verge only
  • inspections

Full Form
Must be used for all other work and for generic plans.

CAR fees

The fee covers the processing of the request, checking and authorising the TMP, issuing a WAP, multiple site inspections, and administering the sign off and maintenance period for any reinstatements. There is a three tier charging regime based on the complexity of the works and time taken to process it.

Minor works: $67.25
Examples of minor works are simple power, gas or phone connections with no trenching or excavations in the road reserve with minimal traffic management requirements and up to one hour of council time.

Major works: $134.51
Trenching in the road reserve up to 20 metres long, closing a road or traffic lane, diverting a footpath, evening or night works, full traffic management/control and up to 2 ½ hours of council time.

Project Works: $268.00
Trenching over 20 metres, substantial plant and workers in the road corridor, large scale traffic management and up to four hours of council time.

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