Footpaths provide safe passage for pedestrians and other users.


If you notice any damage, a tripping hazard or an obstruction on a footpath, please call the Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre on 04 296 4700 or toll free 0800 486 486.

New footpaths
Council Policy requires a footpath on one side of the road only.  Some areas have no footpaths, which ties in with the area’s character. 

Rural footpaths
Rural roads in the Kāpiti Coast district currently do not have footpaths. A footpath would only be considered if or when the level of foot traffic increases. Most rural roads have a low density of housing with low levels of foot traffic. 

Installing a footpath in a rural area requires careful consideration. We need to ensure it will improve safety for pedestrians but not disadvantage other road users, such as equestrians and cyclists.

Council data on rural roads, shows most crashes happen due to poor driver behaviour and not because of speed limits or road layout. Installation of a footpath may not improve the safety of pedestrians if driver behaviour remains poor.

Pedestrian walk offs/kerb crossings
To report any damage or if there is an access concern with a pedestrian walk off/kerb crossing, please call the Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre on 04 296 4700 or toll free 0800 486 486.