Other roading information

Helpful information on bridge limits, contractor complaints, emergencies, events management (temporary), PP2O Expressway and Transmission Gully, fencing, graffiti, letter boxes (moving of), State Highway 1 issues, and wandering stock.

Bridge limits

Our local bridges display bridge loads and limits and are inspected annually by our contractor. For overweight permits, please use the link here

Bus stops

Kāpiti Coast District Council will arrange for the yellow road markings of bus stops. Everything else relating to bus stops, signs, timetables, shelters etc. is the responsibility of Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC).

Contractor complaints

To report a contractor complaint, please contact the Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre: telephone: 04 296 4700 or toll free: 0800 486 486.

Events management (temporary)

Temporary event management forms can be downloaded from the Resource Consent page. Event Organisers need to give Council 8-10 weeks notice of their event, to cover the mandatory 42 days public notice advertising. 


If a fence is between a privately owned property and a public reserve, the cost of repair of said fence is the responsibility of the private property owner.  The reserve is classified as 'public property' and is therefore exempt under the Fencing Act 1978.


We don't remove graffiti from private properties.

Community Graffiti Clean-up Packs can be borrowed from the Council’s service centres in Ōtaki, Waikanae and Paraparaumu. These kits can be borrowed for a week at a time - more information can be found below. Each tool box contains:

  • graffiti remover spray
  • two sets of disposable gloves
  • small roller
  • large paint brush
  • one small high-vis jacket – Yellow
  • one XL high-vis jacket – Orange
  • two large rags
  • Resene voucher
  • wet Paint banner.

The packs are being provided by Keep NZ Beautiful, Ministry of Justice, Keep Waikanae Beautiful and Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Letter boxes

If you want to remove, replace or install a new letter box you need to be aware that this could affect any underground services. To allow us to check for underground services, please contact the Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre prior to placing the letter box: telephone: 04 296 4700 or toll free: 0800 486 486.


Our position is that road mirrors are not normally recommended as they can be:

  • misleading at night when reflecting headlights;

  • damaged by vandals or by accident;

  • affected by glare from sunlight, low sun angles, and rain;

  • sometimes obscured by condensation and dirt;

  • confusing for non-local motorists;

  • difficult to site satisfactorily;

  • misleading due to difficulties of judging speed and distance;

  • distracting, where a driver is concentrating on the mirror only and oblivious to their immediate surroundings such as pedestrians right next to them.

We would only use a mirror as a last resort after all other options to improve visibility have been discounted. These options include removal of vegetation, trimming of a bank, realignment or removal of a structure such as a fence, and relocation or realignment of a driveway, accessway or junction.

To request a mirror on the road, please phone us on 04 296 4700, or toll free on 0800 486 486.

Overdimension loads and overweight permits

All HPMV 50 Max permits will now be supplied by NZTA.  Application link is:NZTA Overweight Permit Application

All mobile crane permits will continue to be supplied by our contractors, Opus International.

Road closures and slips

Road closures in the district can be found here.

To report a slip that is obstructing the road,  please phone us on 04 296 4700, or toll free on 0800 486 486.

State Highway 1 issues

To report any issues on SH1, please contact NZTA 0800 4 HIGHWAYS
(0800 44 44 49; open 24 hours every day).

Wandering stock

If you see any wandering stock on or around SH1, please contact NZTA 0800 4 HIGHWAYS
(0800 44 44 49; open 24 hours every day).

If you see wandering stock on local roads, please contact the Kāpiti Coast District Council on 04 296 4700, or toll free 0800 486 486.