Roading maintenance information

Information on tar sealing, chip sealing, obstructions, road markings, sumps, sweeping and unsealed road grading

Bleeding tar/shiny roads
Bleeding and melting tar is due to excessive heat during hot summer periods. Generally a fine chip is placed on the bleeding to alleviate the problem. To report any bleeding tar or shiny roads, please contact us on the details below.

Private roads

Please note that we don't maintain private roads or private right of ways.

All vehicle crossings/driveways run through Council Road Reserve (including some rights of way).  Driveways are constructed for property access and are the owner’s responsibility to maintain, including any retaining structures and pipes running under them.


For all requests for new or existing road markings, broken yellow lines, or symbols on the road, please contact us on the details below.

Edge marker posts

An edge marker post is a white plastic post that is used in rural locations to delineate the road edge. To report damaged or missing edge marker posts, please contact us on the details below.

Sealing (loose chip sweeping)

To report any loose chipseal, please contact us on the details below.


To report a missing  or damaged stormwater grate, please contact us on the details below.

Street sweeping 

All residential streets are swept four times a year. Some arterial streets are swept monthly.

Unsealed road grading

Unsealed roads in the District are graded up to four times per year. Some roads require less grading.
Here's list of unsealed roads in the District:

  • Maungakotukutuku Road
  • Waterfall Road
  • Mangaone North Road
  • Ōtaki Gorge Road
  • Waimanu Road
  • Wairongomai Road.

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